Nissan Primera Wipers - steve52
It has been reported that around 40K problems occur with the wiper spindles which allow the wiper arm to move forward and impinge upon the bonnet. This has occurred to mine at 35K. How difficult is this repair? Does the dash have to come out?
Nissan Primera Wipers - Graeme
Hi Steve
It is not a problem 1st remove your wiper arms & blades,lift your bonnett and take out the black plastic serrated strip that covers the area (it is held in by poppers attached underneath)
Depending on whether it is the o/s or n/s arm ( a scored bonnett like mine or looseness in the shaft will tell which needs replacing)I could only get an offical replacement approx £26 but they are only held in place by 3 nuts and it is easy to do.
Nissan Primera Wipers - brock
This was the only fault with my Primera in six years. Cost about £90 for a main dealer to fix(both spindles). With hindsight I should have done it myself.
Nissan Primera Wipers - steve52
Thanks for the help gentlemen. I have attempted to remove the plastic shroud today but cannot get the wiper arms off the spindles! The wiper arm nut undoes ok but the arms are tight on their taper/splines. Any suggestions? I'm glad to read that Nissan deliver the goods when it comes to reliability (which is what counts in the long term I reckon!)
Nissan Primera Wipers - Dave_TD
The only way I've ever managed to get wiper arms off their spindles is with a combination of BF&I, and experience. They are fairly sturdy items, which is a good thing as you need to be quite brutal with them - but only by exerting force in the right direction...
Basically you "wiggle" them rapidly in an arc following their normal pattern of motion, but just enough to take up the play in the motor, while at the same time trying to pull the splined end away from the spindle. It's one of those jobs greatly underestimated in the Haynes manual, and cut knuckles are usually the order of the day.
If it feels like it's going to break, however, DON'T CARRY ON, it probably will.
Nissan Primera Wipers - steve52
Thanks for the advice and warning! When it stops raining, I'll have another go. I'm sure I've seen a wiper arm removal tool advertised somewhere. I guess it's what the winscreen replacement guys must carry.


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