Anyone prefer full harness to std belt - peteH
Anyone prefer a full harness to a standard 3point inertia belt?

Anyone added such a setup to a car? Is it road legal, and if so what is the easiest way to retrofit?

Anyone prefer full harness to std belt - Cyd
Having been the co-driver in a rally car which was rolled I can atest to the value of a full harness. Properly fitted harnesses with strengthened mount points are minimum requirement for rally cars.

It is road legal and you could fit one, but they are not as easy or convienient to use. Consult one of the many many motorsport outlets around the country (a motorsport outlet - not just a boy racer store) - look in a copy of one of the rallying mags for adverts. Also if you do it properly you won't be able to carry rear passengers whilst using the harness.

Some manufacturers are working on four-point belting using two shoulder belts fitted into the seats.
Anyone prefer full harness to std belt - borasport20
Having had a full harness in a saab 96V4, I can confirm what Cyd says about the inconvenience

there can be a number of issues - firstly the standard 3-point belt is designed to be convenient to put on and off - you can do it single handedly, and you can't do that with a full harness

secondly, a standard belt is almost 'self adjusting' and a full harness is not. I found that i would have to adjust four buckles according to the weather and the number of layers of clothes I had on, and particularly of you have bucket seats as well, wearing any sort of jacket becomes impractical


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Anyone prefer full harness to std belt - jc
Driving with a full harness I found I was braking harder and cornering faster because I was located so firmly in the seat.


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