Citroen Xsara Picasso - Colin
Presumably anyone who has bought one of these will have looked at the superficially similar Renault Scenic and concluded that CXP appeared the better buy.
If so, what's the general view now, based on experience? In particular, I'm a bit nervous of that sexy electronic instrument display (we all remember stories of way back when folk were totally incapacitated when the master module went phut). Has any Picasso owner any experience of this?
Re: Picasso v Scenic - Colin
It was interesting to see HJ's comments re poor warranty claims record on Renault. Ok then. Does anyone have strong views as to why I should/SHOULDN'T buy a Scenic? I'm also looking at the Picasso.
Re: Picasso v Scenic - Bobby
Colin, What do you want it for ? My experience of French Cars has been very bad. the Nissan Almera Tino is a similar "lifestyle" vehicle, a lot better built - in Britain, and will not be such a common sight, its also a far more enjoyable drive from what I have read ( in a Spanish Magazine ) and the Fiat Multipla is an interesting alternative too.

But The Berlingo / Kangoo / Fiat Doblo brigade seem to offer more room for less $£$£$£$£ ....
Try the Fiat. - David Woollard
The Fiat Multipla is a car Citroen should have built. If you can cope with the styling (I can) they make an interesting choice.

Re: Try the Fiat. - Darcy Kitchin
Blimey, wot heresy is this, recommending a FIAT?
The Fiat Multipla is ugly - David Lacey
The Fiat Multipla is the MOST ugly car I have ever clapped my eyes on, apart from the Chrysler PT Cruiser. I would not be seen without a paper bag on my head in both of these vehicles!
Beauty is in........ - David Woollard

Unusual but not really ugly?? Actually I like the Cruiser as well!

The Citroen DS has been voted one of the best looking cars ever and is also on an ugly car site. What do you make of that?


I was meaning Citroen should have gone with a brave design like the Multipla rather than the safety of the Picasso.

Re: Beauty is in........ - Darcy Kitchin
Having been blessed with 4 children, I need a 6 seater, but remembering back to having 3 kids abreast in the back of variously a CX an XM and a BX, there always seemed to be arguments about space; ie whose elbow was in whose tummy etc. Also, a drink spillage usually gets 2 people wet instead of 1. These kind of arguments have completely disappeared since transporting them in the individual seats of the Synergie.
The Multipla, the looks of which are not to my conservative (small "c") taste, seems to multiply the problem by having 2 sets of people abreast. The idea may be ground-breaking but I doubt its practicality.
Re: Picasso v Scenic - Colin
In answer to Bobby's question, I've been very happy indeed for some 4 years with a 1.5 3dr Honda Civic. However its a very low slung car, and we now need something that's more upright i.e. higher seating so its easier to get in and
out (don't laugh, it happens to us all). Also 5dr, so I don't give myself a hernia installing grandkids in carseat. So its not really a question of lifestyle, more like practicality. HJ mentions Toyota Yaris Verso, but that does look a bit tooAll orthopaedic!
Re: Ugly Fiat Multipla - Bobby
Extract from the Ugly cars website: I don't agree but its quite funny

Well what can we say? Fiat have obviously produced this car especially to star on these pages - and we thank them for that.
Combine the worst elements from a lavatory cistern, a banjo and a dead poodle and you would get something similar to the Multipla.
Re: Beauty is in........ - Phil Parker
Scenic v. Picasso. Was unable to buy equivalent Scenic for Picasso money. Also there was more room in the Citroen. The electonic dash is no problem after the first day. Couldn't honestly contemplate the Fiat ....a step too far I think. The Tino , well it looks very oriental to my eye and more "large Focus" than MPV. Six months with a 2.0 HDI SX , no problems to date and 45mpg on the computer. Incidentally if someone had told 5 years ago that I would buy a new Citroen ........! How times change.

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