Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Andrew-T
One of the wheels on my 99T 306 has begun to lose about 1 psi/day. I can't detect any loss at the valve, and I can't find any foreign bodies in the tread. I had a 205CTi ten years ago which used to lose pressure due to corrosion at the beads - is this still a common problem?
Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Peter D
Yes I,m afraid so.

There are bead blast shops around and then either re power coat could me 25 to 30 pounds a rim. Or clean them up your self then metalic paint and laquer. But two day to harden before you can refit a tyre

Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Godfrey H {P}
Still worth changing the valve core first. I had a very slow flat on one of my Astra alloys caused by a faulty valve core. The local tyre depot fitted a new valve core for nothing.
Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Armitage Shanks{P}
A few years ago I had a Golf Gti where one wheel went flat but not completely and a spare which lost all its pressure. This turned out to be faulty castings in that the wheels were porous or hairline cracks. The only way I located the problem was by totally immersing each wheel in a large sink, the fine trail of bubbles revealed the fault which was not the valve or the bead of the tyre. Hope this helps.
Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Cyd
Try putting the wheel in a nearly full bath of water to try and find the leak - pump it up quite hard to make it easier to find.. It could be the bead, but on a '99 this seems a little young. Could be a small hole in the tread.
Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Oz
For what it's worth, I had to replace a Continental tyre on my (at the time fairly new) BMW, owing to a puncture. The tyre garage I used took pleasure in supplying me with the original brand although as I noticed later, it was made in Mexico not in Germany. This tyre loses around 1 psi per week, compared with several weeks in the case of the others.
I am not sure whether any scientific conclusion can be drawn from this, or whether it coincides with anyone else's experience, or whether it in any way is a factor in the thread author's observation.
Pressure loss - alloy wheels - smokie
Seen my local tyreshop paint water containing washing up liquid around the rim then look for bubbles - might save you taking the wheel off?
Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Dizzy {P}
Air loss due to corrosion on the inner side of the rim of alloy wheels is quite common. Most tyre outlets will take off the tyre, clean off the worst of the corrosion and refit the tyre using a sealant that is specially made for the job (usually an orange paste). The wheel will then need rebalancing. My local tyre outlet does all this for just the price of the balancing.
Pressure loss - alloy wheels - Dereksn51
I had exactly the same a month ago.Tyres loosing pressure and definately no punctures.I traced mine on 2 wheels to where balancing weights had been clipped on and i guess there'd been a chemical reaction between the alloy and the weight.Took the wheels in for refurb at 30 pounds each and no problems since.Tyre fitters should never use clip on weights on alloys -always insist on stick on weights


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