Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - Phil I
This story in todays Guardian makes our statistics look quite good for the holiday period.,77...l

Happy Motoring Phil I
Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - Ian (Cape Town)
all true, I'm afraid, Phil.
Figures now at over 1100 since early December, and expect a few hundred more by next week, as all the holidaymakers head home from the coast.
In fact, unless there are 10 deaths in a collision, it doesn't even get reported...
and in the midst of this horrid news, one of the local parlimentarians in charge of transport! got caught doing over 70 mph in a 50 zone.
Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - BrianW
It will be interesting to see what the UK figures are for 2002.

The Essex figure is 92, down from 123 the year before, but still 15 or so higher than before police patrols were cut and cameras introduced.
No doubt the headlines and spin will trumpet a twenty five percent annual reduction and ignore the upward long-term trend.
Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - blowpipe
Ian, off to Cape Town in Feb for a week's R&R, and on the point of booking a car for four adults. Would welcome recommendations/tips in light of the above.
Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - Ian (Cape Town)
Get a largish car - not a class 1 1.3Litre! If you have 4 adults, you'll need a bit of oomph to get into (and out of!) trouble.

Be very wary of pedestrians everywhere, but especially near 'informal settlements' (ie squatter shanties.)
Try not to drive at night, as the pedestrians don't believe in being seen, have no road sense, wear dark clothing, and are normally under the influence.
They also have a great habit of pushing supermarket trollies along the road, loaded with cardboard/scrap metal/firewood.
Likewise, be aware of drunken drivers - very common, due to minimal law-enforcement.(except speeding cameras!)
Avoid confrontation with other drivers - road rage here is often settled with guns/baseball bats.
Speed limits all in km/h. Most places are 60 (urban) and up to 120 on motorways/major routes.
Stick to the limits esp around town - this country invented the truvelo, remember!
Avoid minibus taxis like the plague - mostly unroadworthy, no drivers licanse, overloaded, and don't give a monkeys about traffic rules. Always give them a wide berth. (favourite trick - stopping to offload or upload passengers. Just like that. in the middle of a main road. No brake lights/indicators/nothing.)
email me at if you want more info.
Also, catch up for a beer while you are here!

Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - Steve S

You sure this lot adds up to "Rest & Relaxation"?
Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - blowpipe
Errr, yes he says with a confidence he does not feel. Joking apart, all the reports I've had from people who've been there tend to back up my theory that it's like any other country. Stray into the wrong areas and you'll end up in trouble. This goes for any part of the UK, let alone South Africa. We're going with friends for a week away from work and kids and we WILL enjoy it! Ian, thanks for the guidance and offer of a beer. A search of the web throws up a suitable vehicle in the shape of a Toyota Condor,a 4x4 lookalike which will work out at about £290 for the week.
Comment from Ian (cape town) please. - Ian (Cape Town)
290 sounds steep - and the condor is a bit of a shed.
email me, I'll see if I can find something better...


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