Sellling an import to the trade - Andrew Barnes

If I was to sell my 6 month old Golf GTI 1.8T (UK list 18k) in Jazz Blue with winter pack, cruise and pearl pant, to a dealer, what sort of money would I get? The car is as new, I have another on the way!


This one will sell itself. - David Woollard
No need to sell it to a dealer, Guy Lacey will be over with the cash tonight. Particularly as it's in his favourite blue.

Re: This one will sell itself. - Andrew Barnes
Come on then Guy, make me an offer!

Re: This one will sell itself. - John Slaughter
And provided the birds have kept away from it!


Re: This one will sell itself. - Gerald

Surely you aren't saying that Guy is not good looking?

Re: This one will sell itself. - John Slaughter
No Gerald - birds of the feathered variety!


Re: This one will sell itself. - Jonathan Livingstone Seagull

Well bend my beak and frizzle my tail feathers with a glowplug, another metallic blue GTI and a virgin one at that.

Andrew me old china, if Guy Lacey does the deal drop me an email and I'll be across to Taunton like a flash. Just have to pause for a spot of tea on the way. Reckon some iffy past their sell by date herrings should do the trick nicely.

ooooo luvverly, bums away Biggles
Guy Lacey is one for the birds - Guy Lacey
Unfortunately "Jazz" bloo is no match for Volkswagen Bright Blue Metallic!

Like all of us, however, we all get fatter and slower and the Golf is no different. Give me a MkII anyday.

I *will*, however, swap engines.......but that's all.

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