Ford Focus - Zetec 2.0 (Reg 2000) - Ford Focus - Traction control light staying on - Win2012

Hi i'm new here and quite confused.

In February 2011 i had my ABS pump replaced. A few days later the Traction control light came on and stayed on through all of my journeys since.

I took the car back to the garage and after two hours they found the problem and charge me £24 (this was because they couldn't find the Lateral Accelerometer Circuit which was under the drivers seat).

When they gave me the piece of paper that cost £24, it suggested i needed a new Lateral Accelerometer Circuit costing £376.67. I have began to question the garages intensions and wonder wether im easy pickings and being ripped off.

Do i needs this to pass my MOT and does the cost of the replacement sound right.

Thank You


Ford Focus - Zetec 2.0 (Reg 2000) - Ford Focus - Traction control light staying on - MikeTorque

Can you turn the traction control ON/OFF via the TC switch ? (near the gear lever)

It's possible the garage who did the ABS pump replacement may have damaged something related to the Traction Control since it's integrated with the ABS unit, which in turn may have caused the TC light to come on.

What did the piece of paper say on it that they charged you £24 ?
If they charged you £24 because they couldn't locate the LCS (see below) then demand a refund, you shouldn't be paying for their apprentice training session of find the LCS !

I'd recommend you seek a second opinion.

The Lateral Accelerometer Sensor (LCS ) is located under the front passenger seat. If there is a fault the error codes below should be logged :

C1282 - Lateral Accelerator Circuit Failure
C1282 - Lateral Accelerometer Signal Fault

There are quite a few connectors that could cause these error codes so it's worth getting those checked before a sensor replacement. It'll mean having to have various panels removed and wiring checked.

If the LCS is faulty it's worth checking with a car breakers yard, they may have one available at a fraction of the cost of a new one.

Ford Focus - Zetec 2.0 (Reg 2000) - Ford Focus - Traction control light staying on - Win2012

Hi MikeTorque, thanks for the reply.

We did try to turn the traction control ON/OFF via the TC switch, didn't work. Someone at my work told me that the ABS and Traction control unit were integrated, i feel that they did damage it, but how do you prove it.

Unfortunately it's been 11 months since they did this check; ironically it was after the last MOT - which is now upon me again. I don't think they'll give a refund now.

The piece of golden paper costing £24 says:

Check for fault with traction control light staying on. Trace fault with Lateral Accelerometer circuit failure. New sensor £376.67 +vat +fitting. Code - C1282.

We are going to do several suggested checks soon and if the unit is the cause, we will check with the breakers yard first.

Thank you.


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