2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - mazda60


This vehicle developed a power steering issue earlier this year when dash warning light would illuminate and power steering would not work .It only lastest for seconds with the light going out and steering returning to normal.

My daughter obviously found the car difficult/dangerous to drive.

This fault was traced to erratic alternator volatge which fitting a new one cured.

Last week the warning light came on again but has stayed on since and the power steering seems to be still working but a little heavy at low speeds and when parking.

Independant diagnostic check (launcher system) revealed the fault code (not reported) was associated with wiring associated with steering rack sensor.

Further diagnostic check using VAG system confirmed this I am told.

Fault code reset but dash light back on seconds after start up. VAG diagnostics not reporting any fault code I am told.which I find hard to believe.

Connections to sterring rack sensor and power steering pump have been checked and found without corrosion,so I have no idea where to go next apart from throwing money at it in a replacement sensor and then power steering pump which I am reluctant to do without confirmation that it/they are the problem.

Has anyone had any similar problem ? Any help welcomed.

Thanks in anticipation.

PS.I am thinking of driving to our nearest Seat agent (an hour away) for a further diagnostic check but not sure it will reveal anything new.

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - mazda60

My daughter has been monitoring the problem.The power steering light is still on but she is now convinced that the heavy feel to the sterring at low speed is only there if the wheel is turned quickly in either direction.Slow movement at low speed and the steering feels as it was

In my opion it points towards the alternator (again!) which perhaps maintains a good enough voltage if the power steering is used spaingly but the voltage drops below that required for operation if it is used viscously. Does anyone have any thought/opions or suggestions.

It will be going back to where the new alternator was fitted this week to be checked.

Kind regards.

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - 659FBE

This generation of VAG vehicles suffers from a high resistance in the alternator main output lead where it enters the battery mounted fuse box.

Examine the crimped cable lug on the heavy black cable and run the engine and alternator up under heavy electrical load whilst feeling the joint. Any heating here requires attention.

This is a poorly conceived and executed design which has remained unchanged for many years.


2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - mazda60

Hi 659,

Many thanks for your reply.The original 8 year old alternator was renewed last January and the steering has been fine since then.It's only the last few weeks that the problem has reappeared which is why I think its the alternator again but I will check out your suggestion tomorrow.

Thanks again.

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - elekie&a/c doctor

A fault in the steering rack sensor circuit will put the pas into default mode.So there will be some power assistance but not a variable amount as reqd by load.I would suggest that the sensor circuit needs looking at in depth,especially the wiring to it where it travels along the subframe to the power pump.Also make sure the alternator output is correct.hth

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - mazda60


I will get the wiring checked out .Do you think that its perished or insulation worn .I am still inclined towards a faulty alternator due to the same symtoms as earlier this year. I will post any further information as and when its available.

Many thanks.

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - mazda60


Well ,I was advised yesterday afternnon that the lighlty cause is the electrical control unit which appears to be an integrated part of the power steering pump (it sits below the reservoir)To have the unit reconditioned I have been quoted approx £350 plus removal of the old unit and fitting the new,probably another £120 or so. As its my daughters car we wish to take to most cost effective repair I have suggeted using Breakerlink or Ist Choice to locate a used paret from as recent a model as possible the same as hers.(estimated at £100to £150)

I have been told though that most of these units fitted to Skoda/VW and Seat are the same and the part numbers are irrelevent .I have had the part number quoted as 6Q2423051R on the offending pump which is still on the car (i think that it may be 6Q0423051R though).

Does anyone know these pumps are model specific or not and whether power steering fluid should be changed at regular intervals especially on these models and if so would it prolong the pumps life. On this particular model though the pump is buried under the battery and not even easy to check the level !!

Any help or comments welcomed.

Many thanks.

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - DC143

Give the experts a call "Power Steering Services" on 0208 853 3343 for free advice.

2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - mazda60


Thanks for the contact number.Have just given them a call for some advice but am no nearer pinpointing the problem after talking to them.

An exchange pump quoted at £375 plus VAT as they say "it is likely to be the problem" .I think I will take a punt at buying a second hand one for +/- £110 from as new and low mileage equivalent vehicle as I can as the next step.


2003 Seat Ibiza TDI Sport 130. - Heavy Power Steering - mazda60

Hi, I picked up a second hand (from 2006 low mileage car ) and had it fitted today to include flush of fluid system and a refill. Power steering is now back to normal with no dashboard lights on !.

I find it amazing that with all the diagnostics available to mechanics nobody could tell me it was a fault in the power steering pump electrics !! I am glad I took the cheaper option and fingers crossed it will last .I have at least got a two month warranty.



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