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Just found out we need new rear shock absorbers for our 2007 XC 90 (75,000 miles). Volvo are asking £884.40 for the parts and £110 labour. Given this is an important job, is this a fair price to pay?

And, having just had a 4 x wheel alignment last month, due new tyres will this have to be done again at extra cost? Thanks.

Volvo XC90 - Rear Shocker ! - gordonbennet

I'm sure these are self contained self levelling shockers, Volvo have used this type since the 7 series estates on higher spec models, they've always been an eye watering price, you might find new Boge self levellers via a good motor factor for a better price...i would not buy elcheapo unheard of makes and make double sure aftermarket are self levellers, dirt cheap they won't be.

Before you buy them it might be worth trying to obtain a set from a scrapper dpending on the reason for scrapping obviously, i've managed to find them for 7/9 series before now, so with a bit, no lots of luck you might find a set for a decent price, obviously you'll have to judge their condition as best you have nothing to lose by looking...if you find a good set do the lottery that week and remember me..;)

They were a doddle to fit on the older cars and from your labour quote they must still be quite straightforward...tracking should be unaffected but no guaranatees..

Volvo XC90 - Rear Shocker ! - pugswhdi

Try another dealer, if fact try a few. I was amazed at the difference in prices the last time I needed a dealer only job done on a Honda.

I also second gordonbennett with regard to not buying cheap, unheard of makes. Stick to OEM, you won't regret it.

Volvo XC90 - Rear Shocker ! - injection doc

Try these people I have used them loads of times and always had good service.

They do many self levelling replacement shocks and springs

Volvo XC90 - Rear Shocker ! - Peter.N.

Are these the right ones?

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Volvo XC90 - Rear Shocker ! - gordonbennet

They look like standard shockers to me, without self levelling action, too thin from memory.

Probably not interchangeable unless you change the springs too...the self levellers during use pressurise themselves and the springs used with them are softer, you get the benefit of excellent load carrying whilst maintaining a softer ride unladen.

Fit non self levelling dampers with the wrong springs and the car will be too low and undersprung to boot.

My opinion only.


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