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my sat nav will warn me if i overspeed, but my nokia phone with sat-nav functioning allows me to set the amount over the limit and then warns me whatever road i am driving on, brilliant! so helps keeping those points off my licence.

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Not too sure how accurate the data is in UK, but have found that about 10% of the time my sat-nav's is wrong - particularly at the change of limit points which tend to attract mobile cameras.
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Take care. Some areas have a zero tolerance policy

any - Sat-Nav speed control - oldroverboy

Take care. Some areas have a zero tolerance policy

Sorry fogot to add, can set the nokia to warn when 1mph over, but looking where i'm going helps too! and am not a boy racer anymore, just don't want to give what's left (not much) after paying the rest to the government in extra taxation. But here on the A48 the boys in blue run the "safety cameras" getting overtime on their day off from normal duties. also we know where they are, they never change.... happy motoring....

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My speedometer has the same function - it also has the ability to display lower speeds when conditions make it unsafe to dogmatically travel at the speed limit.

I no longer speed intentionally, ie I sometimes make mistakes, but I'm not holier than though as I used to routinely speed by using speed limit + 30 mph + speedo error as my target speed but not fast enough to lose my licence.

My point is that every car has a speedometer, there's simply no need for extra technology.

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I think to rely on a sat-nav and/or location sensing via mobile phone masts with all the variables you're likely to encounter - loss of signal, topography, latency, out of date mapping etc etc - won't save you from passing the odd mobile speed camera van at 34mph (say, on a downhill) or fixed speed camera you're not aware of. By the time you might have applied your brakes from the audible warning, you might well have been pinged by the camera.

I think you're putting too much faith in technology!

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Agreed. I tend to use the tomtom indicated speed to set the cruise in average speed zones but that's it.

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Why rely on technology to tell you what speed you are doing?

You have eyes and a brain and should be concentrating on the road and should automaticly know the speed limit for any road you are driving on.

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Watching local news in motel chain (no parking charges-low rate thru central reserv in March) I saw Oxfordshire Safetycams to be activated again ON FRIDAY.
Public domain info but it missed me until today. Too much at stake to rely on technology but can see the case as a backup. My experience is that warning signs are no bluff.


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