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Hyundai i10 - Changing Gearbox Oil - 19ja43

Hello All.

My handbook states that the gearbox is "filled for life", but after reading several of HJ's comments re. gearbox failures, I would like to know if it is possible to change the gearbox oil, to get rid of any running in swarf etc.

Would it be a dealer only sort of job, or could a reasonably competent DIY-er do it?

Hyundai i10 - Changing Gearbox Oil - Collos25

It says filled for life and thats what it means in modern day engineering techniques there is no running in swarf.Anyway the gearbox is probably sealed with no drain point.

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Hyundai i10 - Changing Gearbox Oil - iten


If thats what the Handbook says, then confirm with the dealer to be sure. Don't do anything yourself, since you have a 5 year warranty which may become void as a result.


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