Parking outside school - johnnyrev

Perhaps inevitably the road outside my son's school becomes clogged am and pm as parents drop off and collect. The school has been very good at encouraging parents to walk and have painted a single yellow line on the school side of the road 50m either side of school.

Usually parking is not to bad and the yellow line seems to work, cars park further away and on side streets for example. But in the rain today the pavement outside school was full of cars parked mainly on the pavement, leaving about a third of a pavement width.

As if this wasn't enough to make me cross, my 4 year old bashed his head on a wing mirror of a car parked on the pavement and cried all the way home. I glared at the driver and he wound his window down but I had to walk away before I was rude!

I thought I would vent my anger here rather than get cross elsewhere (Eg with school or the driver), as I am not sure there is anything I can do about it!

Parking outside school - ablandy

You could report it to the police. If enough people complain, they will come down and give everyone tickets. There was a story in the papers recently where this happened and everyone was outraged that they came down in a riot van and gave out tickets.

Dont get cross at the school, not much they can do about it really. They didnt pick the location and have little control over the parking. Its the drivers at fault. Its easy to understand why they do it, and its quite an emotive issue.

Parking outside school - Vitesse6

There really is no excuse for parking on the pavement and restricting the footpath for pedestrians. If the road isn't wide enough for parking then simply go somewhere else. The number of times you see mums with prams and people in wheelchairs having to go into the carriageway to pass some selfish pig who is too idle to park sensibly beggars belief.

As for the OP going home before being rude to the driver, I would say get rude and teach them some manners!

Parking outside school - notathletic

one of our local schools has a large banner on the railings outside it stating "parking near the school entrance is selfish and dangerous". It seems to work.

Parking outside school - madf

You are far too polite. Report them to the police and get your friends to do so..

One complaint can be ignored.. several cannot .


Parking outside school - Ben 10

You should have asked him if he had "pavement" tax. Which would have been a no. And it would be a shame if the path had been reduced to such a width that the odd scratch might have appeared along his doors. It amazes me that they can't park a street away because their little cherubs can't walk the length of their own flabby a***s.

Report to head of school who will contact neighbourhood police team to sort them out or local council to issue parking fines. Nip it in the bud before it becomes the norm.

Parking outside school - bathtub tom

It was raining today.

They dissolve in water!

Parking outside school - nortones2

I think the schools have quite a lot to do with how well parents behave in the vicinity. One small town has a policy of noting numbers, and reporting infringements, and the police follow up. Net result, so far as I have observed is nil parking on the pavement and the chevrons. In contrast, another school nearby even has the lollipop ladies parking on the chevrons. Unsurprisingly, they are kept company by the idle minority.

Parking outside school - Rob C

Perhaps a vital lesson learnt for your son. Look where you are walking. As selfish as the pavement parker was, its not his/her fault that your son banged his head.

Parking outside school - happy polo

Completely agree with the previous posters here, simply take a pram or bulky bag out with you in future, walk along the edge of the path and 'assist' these idiots by 'folding' their mirrors in for them. Obviously not so as to cause any damage, but a firm whack will quickly get their attention. Should they have the arrogance to take issue, immediately offer to call the police for them!

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Parking outside school - Andy P

Maybe you should go along one night with a tin of yellow paint and add another line....

(PS What restrictions are there in place? These should apply not only to the road but also the pavement/verge as well)

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Parking outside school - LucyBC

Nice line in a car review recently for the Porsche Cayenne.

Porsche chap was advocating attendance at the Porsche "Experience" at Silverstone to learn how to "use" the car and was asked whether it included training about how to double park a big four wheel drive in narrow streets surrounding upmarket London schools.

Parking outside school - turbo11

Before I changed locations, I used to live within 200 yards of a primary school. I remember having a converstion with one of my neighbours about mystery scratches that kept appearing all down one side of his black Astra car. The penny dropped for him when I told him that they almost certainly caused by his stupidity of parking on the pavement almost blocking it. The scratches were from the various prams and buggies being pushed along by the parents walking their children to school. Why he parked on the pavement, I do not know as there was plenty of room to park at the kerbside. He did get the message in the end.

Parking outside school - BigJohnD

Irresponsible parking outside schools is a real danger to everyone in the vicinity.

Parents/carers generally ignore double yellow lines and zigzags or park half on the road half on the verge.

The situation was so bad here that the Police where called in and as soon as someone stopped where they shouldn't to let the little darlings out, they wrote the time and car reg on a prepared ticket and slapped it on the window. Needless to say, parents thought this was some form of witch-hunt - which it was - and their divine right to park anywhere was being infringed.

And to cap it all, it's a primary school, and I bet 99% of the children live within a mile or so.

What happened to cycling to school? Oh, forgot; it's too dangerous outside the school gate because of the mayhem caused by "safety consious" parents.

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Parking outside school - inet

This is seriously annoying.

The worst thing about it is that we have a car park outside my sons school that is free to use during dropping off or picking up the kids....literally yards by crossing the road.

But this just is not good enough for the parents they have to park on the road, crubs, yellow and white lines.

After some observations you come to know who are the sensible Mums and Dads in the school...

Parking outside school - RaineMan

In my area it varies considerably between schools. With some the disruption is minimal but with others you have to allow perhaps an extra 10 minutes to get past the school. The most irritating are the people who double park and then decide they need to have a conversation with their kid as they get out the car! Even worse though are those people who dump their ankle biters in a nursery all day. They seem to think they are so important that they can park where they like and then barge through people wuth their 4x4 push chairs!

Parking outside school - Armstrong Sid

but with others you have to allow perhaps an extra 10 minutes to get past the school.

I know one of them.

During term time one side of the entire length of the road is full of parked cars, and it will take several minutes to drive along what is a perfectly straight flat road.The holdup being caused by them crawling along looking for a parking space; or by sticking their noses out to try and get out of the parking space they've been in

When the school is on holiday you drive straight past the place without deviation, hesitation or interruption.

Parking outside school - johnnyrev

The story has a nearly happy ending, of sorts anyway!

Firstly the recent school newsletter has warned parents from parking outside school, with the threat of police presence. This is after complaints from residents apparently.

Second, parking outside school is very difficult at the moment anyway because the gas board are digging up the road.

Third, the school now closes the gate across the road into the school to stop people driving in and/or turning.

Parking on one side of the road is generally okay as this slows traffic down on a very straight road, which is quite good when there are lots of kids about.

We tend to avoid driving past school at in and out times if possible, its wrth driving an extra half mile to avoid the stress and avoid adding to the chaos!

Parking outside school - Rob C

Expect letters to the school from "concerned parent" accusing the headteacher of risking the lives of the very children he/she is charged to protect. Well I say children i mean MY CHILD, MY CHILD, not their children, who get in the way while I'm trying to park.


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