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I guess I should probably prelude this post with the words that I appreciate I will come across as very nervous and potentially paranoid, but that really is my way I'm afraid!

About a month ago I rolled my car back in Asda car park and got very close to the car behind. As I was pulling forward the owner beeped their horn and got out quickly quickly that I'd bumped their car. We had an examination of both vehicles and agreed that no damage had been done and the other owner got back into the car and said not to worry. I then driven off, with my nerves completely shot, although I maintain that no contact was made between the cars.

From the point of getting home I have been in complete panic mode that I could be fleeced in some way by this event. I decided to go to the police station to record the event, just in case she made some fales claims about 'failing to stop' (which I guess are unlikely anyway, as hopefully the car park is covered by CCTV).

I guess what I really want to know is at what point I can stop worrying about this and begin sleeping again? I've became paranoid that she will report me at some stage for failing to stop, claim whiplash or at least make a claim against me. I'm due to be in the United States for 3 weeks soon, and I've had nightmares about not getting in, being sent home etc...

I literally have no details of the car, no number plate or even real knowledge of what type of car it was, which is entirely my fault I'd guess.

Any information would be appreciated, as this is really starting to ruin my life and genuinely don't think I've done anything wrong.


Nissan Micra C+C - Insurance Claim - Nerves shot - Dutchie

Hello,stop worrying you did no damage you talked to the other car driver.Enjoy your stay in the states and forget about this and get a good night sleep.


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