Windscreen coating - Matt
Recently went on a trip to the motorshow in a mates Impreza WRX on a rainy day. He had coated his 'screen with something that enabled the water to almost run off without needing to wipe the 'screen. Great invention but does anyone know more about it - how long it lasts, how much it costs etc and where I can buy it from? Cheers!
Windscreen coating - Vin {P}
It's probably RainX - pretty steep price given (I am told - no warranty) that it's the same stuff as in the liquid diamond type silicone sealants. (I stress that that may be utter tripe).

I used to use RainX on my bike helmet visor and it was fine. Don't know what it might do to windscreen wiper blades, though.

RainX definitely available in Halfords, etc.

Windscreen coating - Roger Jones
I've just ordered the Ombrello (water repellant) & Visio (anti-fogging spray) package from a Daily Telegraph Reader Offer (0870 162 1701), which claims to do similar things. I'll let you know how I get on with it.
Windscreen coating - SjB {P}
I used to use Rain-X, but stopped for the car.

Fantastic in heavy rain.
Dreadfully smeary haze in drizzle.

I still use it on the bike visor, because of course I don't have a windscreen wiper rubbing over it, just airflow!

Windscreen coating - Simon Templar

I use RainX.It is excellent in heavy rain but does have a tendancy to smear in light drizzle.I am undecided if it is combination of road excretia(Diesel/oil etc) or interaction of blade v coating.
It is important to apply it precisely as advised.Information from other www forums indicate that many users apply too much & do not follow instructions, plus renewing it too often.
It is very effective on side window glass.

Simon T.
Windscreen coating - jonesy127 {P}

>>...I'll let you know how I get on with it.

So, how did you get on??
Windscreen coating - pmh
I tried Rain X in summer of 2002 on a brand new (replacement) screen since most perceived wisdom was that smearing was probably made worse by a dirty oldish screen. Wiper blades were also new.

Very impressive in moderate and heavy rain, but almost made the car unusable in light rain at night! It is just about getting back to normal now.

Used on side back windows, definitely worthwhile.

pmh (was peter)
Windscreen coating - Cyd
I use RainX and find it excellent in all conditions. It is VERY important not to apply too much and then polish it ALL off thoroughly. Also keep blades in tip top condition and keep washer fluid in your washer. It is also vitally important to THOROUGHLY clean the screen before application with a lightly abrasive glass cleaner.

Hard work the first time, but easier after that. I put a single extra application on roughly every 6 months (front screen only).
Windscreen coating - Blue {P}
Have used both Rain X and Rain Wizard. I didn't think either were much good for the windscreen, they left terrible smears in light rain.

But, Rain Wizard is undoubtedly the better one out of the two for use on the side windows. I have my side windows treated in Rain Wizard at the moment and it's great, as soon as I reach 40mph all of the rain just blows off, I don't need to wind the windows down etc.

It lasts ages as well.

You'll know it when you see it, Halfords sell it, it's in a fluorescent pink bottle that looks like a sex toy. (Sorry Mark, that's the only way that I can describe it, have a little look the next time you're in Halfords and see if you agree :)
Windscreen coating - Aretas
Rain-X. Wonderfull when first applied and in daylight. Absolutely dreadfull for smears at night, and impossible to remove.

Mike Holland
Windscreen coating - Blue {P}
Yeah, my mate who put Rain Wizard on his windscreen ended up pouring boiling water over the glass and using a lot of elbow grease to try and shift it, he still couldn't get rid properly!
Windscreen coating - Dave_TD
The "wheel and enginge cleaner" solution that comes out of my local jetwash seems to eradicate most of it...
Which is not the effect I'm trying to achieve!
I have used Rain-X on the Skoda since it was new, it smears more on an older windscreen with a bit of "gravel rash" on it, the previous comments about a good cutting glass cleaner also hold true.
New wiper blades make a big difference.
The smearing usually eases up a lot after you've driven through one big rainstorm, then I find it lasts about 3 or 4 weeks for me (8-10,000 miles though!)
Windscreen coating - Dave_TD
>enginge ???
Did I type that? I meant engine. It is late.
Windscreen coating - steveb
Rain X is excellent on side and rear windows. Would NOT recommend on front as it smears badly in most rain conditions IMO.

Windscreen coating - Anglesey Ian
To add to the commentators here, I used this product but only once and wished I hadn't due to smearing in the dark (as above)and also juddering of the wipers. It was a devil to get off as well although I didn;t go to the extreme of using boiling water !
Windscreen coating - glowplug
So what is the best way to remove it? Chemicals or glass polish?

Windscreen coating - Roger Jones
There's Car Glass Polish, a "deep" glass cleaner, in the AutoGlym range, which should do the job. You use their Fast Glass most of the time, reserving the Car Glass Polish for the occasional need to deal with some really stubborn stuff.

I referred to Ombrello back in November on this thread. I never got around to applying it, partly because I was put off by adverse comments on this board and in other places, not about Ombrello in particular but about such water-repellent products in general.
Windscreen coating - OldOiler
Agree that smearing is a problem in daylight and if used on a damp NOT wet screen

Its great at night - no need for wipers above 40mph , depending on screen rake. But only lasts a couple of weeks and its gone.

Also agree about side and back windows coated - very useful

Windscreen coating - bertj
You may not believe this but I had to replace a front screen on a Passat because I used Rain X! The smearing was so bad that afer three months I'd had enough. I tried everything to remove the stuff - raw detergent, thinners, alcohol, even in desperation a mixture of Ajax and Vim. I also replaced the wipers as a precautionary measure. Don't even think of using it or similar products on the front screen!
Buy some new wiper blades and put a good quality screen wash additive in your water bottle instead.
Windscreen coating - OldOiler
Just thought might be the ideal coating to improve canoe's and surf boards!! speed speed !! - we used a similar product on underwater weapons at one time


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