Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - hondahead

Advice welcome on how to change the diesel filter on a 2.2l Honda to access etc..?

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Gregory II

I would consult a workshop manual/ haynes manual. They are very detailed! From what I have heard, they can be hard to start once changed due to air locks: there is a skill to this job, but it is ultimately straight forward to carry out. On ebay you can purchase workshop manuals, and they are extremely detailed and interesting for someone interested in the mechanics of a car!

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Collos25

Don't do it you will never ever start it again.You need a modified bike pump to suck the fuel through.Normally carried by all AA men to visit people like you at home who have started to change the filter but were unable to complete the process.

For some reason Hondas are one of the worst I learnt from experience .

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - hondahead

Haynes manuals are ok for petrol models, information pretty thin on the ground for diesels.

If anyone has any information on manuals that cover a 2007 i-CTDi Accord I am all ears.

The filter is mounted on the bulkhead and it looks like the air filter housing will have to be removed to access. A sensor is attached to the bottom of the diesel filter, the purpose of which is to detect that the level of water in the filter is such that it requires draining. A drain plug is attached to the underside of the filter. The user manual indicates that the filter be replaced every 12, the same time as an oil and oil filter change. I have heard of a special tool that helps with its removal but I can't find any pics of it or where to get it.

All feedback welcome.

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Collos25

You do not need any special tools to remove it as I have previously said unless you have the correct tools and equipment to rebleed the system forget it.I ran a 2007 2.2cdti estate for a year and its the one thing as I learnt was not to touch the diesel filter.

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - hondahead

No worries...thanks for the warning.

I will give it a go over the weekend and I'll report back. It will either be a horror story or a muted success..!

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Collos25

Make sure you have a full tank of fuel it helps stop the air circulating..

Good luck

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - hondahead
Myself and a mate gave this a go this morning - 2 hour job. God knows what those guys in Honda were thinking when they decided to put a regularly replaced part (every 12,500Km according to owners manual) in such an inaccessible place. Air filter housing and primer assembly had to come out before we had any hope of getting at the fuel filter. The two 10mm bolts holding the filter bracket to the bulkhead were great fun, it took a universal joint connected to two extension bars on a 1/2" drive socket to get at these. No fewer than 4 sensors had to be removed, the MAF sensor on the air intake hose, the water sensor on the bottom of the filter, the fuel temp sensor on the top of the filter housing and another one on the top of the FF of which I have no idea of its appreciated.
The re-assembly was even more fun. A neat trick to avoid air locks is to connect the inlet fuel filter hose first leaving the outlet one off initially, then pump the primer until the filter fills and diesel gushes out the outlet, then connect up your outlet hose.
When all is connected, pump the primer until it is rock solid.
Engine started on the first turn with no MIL failures.
Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Collos25

Glad you got all done its no party is it ,you can see the problem if you do not get the air out of the system.Would you do it again?

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - hondahead

Thanks - we have done tougher jobs..! Swapping a sierra engine for a cortina one would be way up there, we worked for 14 hours straight.

Yeap, I will be doing the fuel filter again. Might get it down to an hour on the second try but that won't be for another 6000 miles.

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - 8661


I'm just about to tackle the same job on my 2007 CR-V.

Is there any reason the drain cock can't be used on the bottom of the filter, apart from the problem of access?

I can't find any information on a special Honda tool for this, and the Haynes manual mentions it but then suggests your method.



Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Picklejim

Allegedly if you just use the drain cock in situ, the diesel drains straight into the clutch.

I have removed mine to drain the filter in between changes and I always leave the metal jacket attached to the bulkhead (2005 iCTDi) I clamp off the fuel pipes with brake pipe clamps before removal and just disconnect the three cables to the filter unit and undo the two bolt holding it to the jacket. It then lifts straight out without disturbing any other components. Always make sure the primer pump is well worked and so far has always started 1st time.

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - SimpleSimon

I had a go at this also and had no problems, I think it only took about an hour. Mine is a 2005 model.

I didnt take the air filter housing out but removed the cover over the top of the engine.

removed the primer pump cover 2 x 10mm bolts, removed primer housing 2 x 10mm bolts, pulled off fuel pipes, removed 2 x 10mm bolts on left of filter body and 1 10mm nut on the right.

There was no sensors connected.

I pulled out the filter swapped over the metal jacket around the filter and refitted.

Primed it like you.

Then I loosened the 10mm nut on the top of the filter and prime it until deisel came out.

Engine started and no MIL failures.

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - focussed

It was really interesting getting to, removing and changing and refitting the fuel filter element on my 2.2 CDTI Civic which uses the same fuel filter element and system as an Accord. If I thought all day, every day for a week I couldn't think of a more awkward place to fit a fuel filter, or of mounting it and I've seen a few strange ones in my time.

If you are not used to working in confined spaces and don't have a good selection of 1/4 and 3/8 socket kit don't try to change the fuel filter.
You will also need a filter strap wrench and a vice or a workmate to hold the filter housing while you undo the filter and also to remove the water sensor from the bottom of the filter.

During refitting the whole filter and bracket back to the car, I modded it for easier changing next time by cutting the lower mounting hole on the bracket into a slot, so that the lower bolt need not be removed, any one who has done this job will know what I mean.

I used pipe clamps on the fuel hoses to minimise the fuel loss and drainback and as suggested on another post on here fitted the supply hose to the filter first and then primed it with the squeezy bulb to fill the filter before fitting the flow pipe to the fuel pump (The squeezy bulb is actually from a Honda outboard motor-used to work on them!) Started it up and held revs at 1500 for a couple of minutes, no check lights.

The three electrical connections to the filter are water sensor at the bottom, and fuel temperature sender and fuel heater element at the top

Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Synkronos

Apologies I beg to differ. 2004 model.
Remove the bleed screw from the top of the filter.

Turn the ignition on and off several times each time waiting for it to do it's system check.

The filter top can be angled toward you as this is done so that the bleed hole is high. Hold down ones thumb over the hole and pump the bladder. Then hold down the bladder and remove ones thumb. Do this several times until all air is purged. Then whilst again holding down the bladder put the screw back in and tighten.

Started first time. First time I have ever done one, total time including airbox removal, mounting bolt location less than 30 minutes. But yes use 1/4 drives and have good length extenions handy for these 10mm hex bolts.

Ex Shell & Boccard service technician.

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Honda Accord 2.2l diesel - Diesel fuel filter renewal. - Ninja7r

aboslute rubbish. i have changed mine many a time, primes easily usedin the primer bulb.


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