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I do my own repairs where possible but have had to pay for tracking 3 times this year, Its so easy to adjust but how do you check it without expensive laser equipment, I could save plenty if there is a way, Does someon know a DIY way to do this, even if it is a bit of a mess about I want to have a go, Please if you know how post it for me, Pleeeease.

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if you have had to have the tracking checked/adjusted 3 times this year i suggest that driveing leasons would be a better way of spending the money lol, as far as i know there realy is no easy way off diy'ing it getting it wrong will scrubb the tyres out realy quickly and as tyres aint cheap the money would be better spent on getting the tracking done properly, you could checkout the local garages and ebay for the old style tracking gauges, Regards TB

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Three times a year - do you crash into kerbs on a regular basis for fun? You can try a Gunson Trakrite

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I understand the tool mentioned is only good for brand new tyres.

As the tyres wear, if the tracking is 'out' , the sideways force created by the uneven wear will create a sideways force and cause a false reading.

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I have one made from a length of metal tube with a length of threaded rod with a couple of nut on, it slid into it, I adjust it so that it is just touching the inside edges of the tyres level with the bottom edge of the wheel at the front, then move it to the same position at the back of the wheel, if it its loose the wheels are towing in by the ammount of the gap, if its tight they are towing out, the same, they are parallel. I have been using this on my Citroens, CX, BX and XM for about 30 years and always have even tyre wear.

Any car - DIY Checking Tracking Wheel alignment - no frills

I've just had to do 3 repairs so far this year that all required tracking, Lower arm, then split rubber on trackrod end at MOT then dropped subframe to do clutch. Hope I don't have to do it again for a while, but I dont think it was set right the last time it was done so asking about the diy way. Looked at the gunson twisting plate, dont fancy relying on that. Found and interesting one one another forum, use a lenght of wood with pointers on and line it up with a line on the tyre tread at one side then compar it to the other, not sure about using the tyre tread though.

Any car - DIY Checking Tracking Wheel alignment - bathtub tom

I've seen a method using two sections of a ladder. You need to make sure ladders are 'true'.

Lean a section of ladder against the top of the tyre, thus avoiding the bulge at the bottom, making sure it's in good contact at the front and rear of the tyre, with the majority of the ladder in front of the car. Do the same on the other side.

Measure the distance between the two ladder sections close to the car and at the farthest distance from the car. By comparing the two measurements you get a good idea of what the tracking's doing.

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