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Pls does anyone know if you can use incorrect size wiper blades as we found some massively reduced but one inch out from what we think we need. They are the flat type blades with universal fitting.

One website says our car (Polo) needs a 21" (drivers side) and a 18" (passenger side) whilst another website says we need 21" and 19".

We're guessing that they're still work fine if only an inch out and still clean the main part of the window - will this be okay?

The cheapest we found online was around £25 for two but these bargain ones we're only £7 odd a pair so a good saving and as we've done nothing but pay out huge sums of money for fixing the car lately we'd like to save what we can.

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I've put slightly longer blades on my Jazz and the Smart Roadster, without any problems.The method is to measure the existing blades then look to see how close the ends of the blades are to the edges of the windscreen, top and bottom ,and sides.Run the wipers to see what the sweep is.If you get a wiper 1" longer it gives you an extra 1/2" each end.

It annoys me when screenwash dribbles up the screen in the airflow over the car in the gap between the blades when you stop the wipers, so I try to reduce the gap between the two blades in the centre, as well as increasing the swept area at the sides.

You just need to avoid the blades clashing as they move.

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I have put these cheap e-bay flat wiper blades on my Suzuki. To be honest, I wish I had stuck to Bosch! Being a mechanic, I am quite used to "tweaking" wiper blades so they don't judder on the upsweep or downsweep. These flat blades will judder either or both ways, particularly when not very wet.
Not the best purchase I have made!!
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I've also had the misfortune to buy cheap flat wipers from ebay & I agree a complete waste of money mainly sold by people just looking to make a fast buck. Can recommend these retrofit flat wiper blades http://www.wiperblades.co.uk/our-brand.php which I bought 4 months ago and performed really well during the very cold winter. Look the same as the ones off eBay, but use far superior materials and were only a few pounds more.


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