Honda Civic cdti - aluminium engine corrosion - civicjohn

i have ,5 days ago purchased the above and noticed the engine is covered in a white powder deposit this is obviously some form of aluminium corrosion , bearing in mind this vehicle had only done 5 miles and is brand new does this indicate the car has been languishing in a storage field for last 2 years? is it detrimental? should it be there? should the engine be laquered in order to stop this happening?it doesnt look very good from hondas point of view does it?i would be very interested in your comments!


honda civic cdti - aluminium engine corrosion - Peter.N.

i don't suppose it will do the block much harm but it makes you wonder what else has corroded, electrical connections for instance. it could have been stored in a salty atmosphere. i think i would take it back to the dealer and if he says it wont cause any trouble, get him to put it in writing and sign and date it.

honda civic cdti - aluminium engine corrosion - madf

obviously stored outside..

check the faces of the disks for corrosion.


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