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Good Garage Scheme - Jcoventry
Is it a con? I can't see any bad reviews on their site for any garages, which is a bit suspicious. After some Googling, it seems that to be in the scheme, a garage has to buy specific lubricants/oils and fuel cleaners and if they don't, then they are not allowed into it.

This is what I have read:

Not sure if any of that is true maybe someone here can clear it up.
Good Garage Scheme - bell boy
word of mouth is better than any badge bought
Good Garage Scheme - WorkshopTech
Yea, dont believe it.
Good Garage Scheme - uksant
It's run by a company called Forte who do indeed produce and sell oil flushes, fuel system cleaners and other additives / quick fixes.

Obviously, from Forte's perspective it must make financial sense to run a scheme like this if it means they're selling more of their product as a by-product, but if they allow only their 'customer garages' on the scheme without any selection criteria and do not make that clear to motorists then that could be viewed as disingenuous.

If a garage is a member of this scheme and the garage services a car then they are **supposed** to complete a reasonably comprehensive 'Good Garage Scheme' checklist of service items, so at least the motorist has something detailed in writing about what was done during the service. This checklsit does, however, include things like 'Apply treatments to remove internal contamination' which is an obvious reference to the types of products Forte sells.
Good Garage Scheme - supersmashing

dont knockit - there is no other scheme out there - honest john could administer the scheme in association with the lubricant firm but he doesnt. - personal recomm is good but maybe you are in a new area & dont know many people. I asked my local motorists accesories shop or my good local tyre dealer for a recommendation - that did produce some reasonable results. small independents will be vital in future my local vw dealer is £140/hour so the only way to keep my car on the road is to goto an independent & the older it gets the more unusual the repairs will be & the more experienced the mechanic I will need.


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