06 1.6 Fit Footwell Lights - stevie-c
I hope someone out there can help me! I want to fit footwell lights into my 2006 Focus 1.6 tdci. I have purchased the bulb holders and bulbs and i want to wire them into my courtesy light so that they work in conjuncton with it. I have removed the courtesy light and there are 2 connections, 1 with 2 wires in it and the other with 1 wire. Can anyone please advise me as to which wires to tap into for the footwell lights to work??
Any help with be gratefully received, PLEASE !

Cheers in advance guys

06 1.6 Fit Footwell Lights - stevie-c
Ok i think out of the 3 wires 1 is the constant 12v, 1 is the switched 12v and the other is the earth. Does anyone anywhere know what wires to tap into to make these lights work with the courtesy light....PLEASE....im going mad trying to find out!!
06 1.6 Fit Footwell Lights - mikey_k

I have these already on my MK2 Focus Ghia as standard, however I how this has been a topic discussed on various focus sites as a mod.

Found this.. Not sure if it will help.

Good Luck


06 1.6 Fit Footwell Lights - elekie&a/c doctor
One wire connects to constant 12v,the other to the switched earth.I think you will find the location for the lamp holders in the air trunking in the footwells.hth
06 1.6 Fit Footwell Lights - stevie-c
Cheers Mike, i have spent countless hours today trying to find something like that post. I will give it a try tomorrow and let you know how i go.

Cheers again.
06 1.6 Fit Footwell Lights - Chris M
My CMax already had the bulb holders fitted, so just needed the bulbs fitted. Very underwhelmed by the effect and wouldn't have spent very long on the mod if the bulb holders hadn't been there.
06 1.6 Fit Footwell Lights - stevie-c
Mike, that link worked a treat and now i have working footwell lights so many thanks.


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