Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Sanjeev Thearia
Dear All

I need to replace a pair of 225/45's and a pair of 245/40's in the next couple of weeks (both 17'', Z-rated).

I currently have Michelin Pilot Sports but experience tells me that they are quite expensive. I'm sure there are better-value tyres - and I'm hoping some one can suggest them.

The Michelins have lasted 38K on the front and 18K miles on the rear (328i). I'm looking for similar wear rate but perhaps better grip in the wet.

Many Thanks
Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Roger Jones
Just to say -- try Micheldever Tyres for prices. I was delighted to get Michelin Pilots there at £40 per tyre less than the Kwik Fit price. Their details are somewhere else on this site.
Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - John Slaughter

Check out

for a compilation of test reviews.

Might help, but frankly it's quite confusing. Very little consistency is shown. About the only clear message is 'avoid cheap tyres with strange names'.


Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Mike Jacobs
I don't think it really is possible to expect high longevity and excellent grip in the wet. It seems you can have very good grip in the wet but the tread may be softer and less durable or purchase quite hard tyres which last longerbut dont grip so well in the wet. Anyway I cant help thinking that people expect far too much from good tyres. Look at what they have to put up with. Don't buy cheaper budget tyres- they are not fully braced and the steel bracing on these only covers the "Footprint" normally, while on quality tyres it extends into the sidewall. HJ pointed out that quality tyres only lasted about 10k on the Vectra because of the heavy engine and suspension setup. So it depends on the vehicle and your driving style,road surfaces (if any!). I have found that cheaper budget tyres lose their roundness and eventually the wall can start to severely distort with possibly dire consequences for the uninitiated, if just left in service with this condition. The wall can then collapse.I know this doesn't answer the original question but there are a lot of good makes of tyre around,but you must be realistic about mileage expectancies.
Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Harry
Talking of Vectras, I shod mine (well, Cavalier actually, but what's the difference!) with Uniroyal Rally 440s (fair but uninspired), then Ecocontacts (terrible road holding wet or dry) and now Avon ZV1 directionals. The handling of the car has been totally transformed. It often amazes me that I'm driving the same lowly Cavalier the way it now sticks like a limpet around the corners. Some reviewers don't like the tyre, but I'd have no problem recommending it. Oh, and they weren't extortionate either. So, that's my suggestion from personal experience, for what it's worth.
Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Ash Phillips
Try Just Tyres - they price in bands so you have a choice and they do a lot of big name Avon/Michelin/Pirelli. Just got a pair of Michelins for £140, Kwik Fit wanted £120 each!!! Talking to the bloke there he reckoned he could do £100 a corner for big BMWs with brand names, which sounds like pretty good value to me. Worth a try if you have any particular models in mind.
Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Sanjeev Thearia

Do you have a telephone number & name of the guy you spoke to ? At the moment I'm getting quotes of £150 - £170 per tyre, which I can't believe is very good value at all given your guy is saying £100.

Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Andrew Bairsto
go to this site gives hundreds of dealers in the uk you should be able to get the best price
Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - Ash Phillips
I went to Just Tyres in Dewsbury (W Yorks) 01924 437799, can't remember the bloke's name - only seems to be two of them there tho. so you've got a 50% chance ;o). Can get quite busy as they don't rush but they know tyres and how to put them on, but you can make an appointment. 17" Z rateds don't come cheap, but you never know.

Re: Any Tyre Experts Out There? - David Lacey
In my experience, anything Micheldever Tyres is seriously good news
Check 'em out!

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