Drive the Deal - Mr.Tee43
My daughter is hankering after a new Mini Cooper Graphite which is a limited edition model. Being dad, it's up to me to try and find the best price so first port of call was Drive the Deal.

Fell at the first hurdle as they don't appear to offer prices on Minis or BMW for that matter.

Is this a case of BMW dealers not wanting to offer deals on their cars and Minis ?

Can anyone offer advise as to where we might obtain the best deal ?
Drive the Deal - cuthbert
I have used Carfile and they were very good I can recommend them !! the discount showing is not much about £500

I found Dealdrivers a waste of time totally unhelpful

Try this link it may help you
Drive the Deal - LikedDrivingOnce
Broadspeed may be able to help.

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