04 1.8 Glow Plug Light Flashing And Cut Outs - zugzwang
TDCI, 67k, fully serviced, no significant issues until this.
Car has cut out on Motorway 4 occasions in two days over only about 30 miles (every occasion between 50mph & 70). Each time, glow plug light flashed and lost all throttle response. Luckily I've been able to get to hard shoulder on each occasion. Car won't restart immediately, cranks but doesn't 'fire up', glow plug light flashes again. After 5-10 minutes restarts as if nothing has happened.

Taken to local garage who fitted new pedal assembly as fly by wire suspected faulty. This didn't help - same problem occurred twice afterwards. Fuel filter was also checked for water and crankshaft sensor inspected for dirt etc (was spotless). No faults found on diagnostics either by this garage or AA.

Any help or ideas on what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated! Booked in to Ford on Monday, I don't want to be fobbed off or be paying for this I shouldn't!

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04 1.8 Glow Plug Light Flashing And Cut Outs - Wurzel83
I have read in other threads that common causes of this symptom are 1-fuel pump, 2-accelorator pedal/sensor, 3-cam sensor.

Obviouslly its unlikely to be the pedal. When you take it to ford maybe ask about the cam sensor which apparently is easy to fit and the part costs £20
04 1.8 Glow Plug Light Flashing And Cut Outs - Collos25
Other causes are the EGR valve(if its never been cleaned out since 2004 then it will be in a terrible state) and the turbo actuator, if its the later electronic version then these are so unreliable its not true.Both of these parts when faulty throw the glow plug light on and put it in limp home mode but first I would go down the cam sensor route.
04 1.8 Glow Plug Light Flashing And Cut Outs - IvvieN
Had exactly same problem on an 03 tdci focus, 81k. AA told me egr valve but garage said more likely to be fuel pump / fuel metering valve. Don't fancy £1000 repair so thinking of trading in car! Has cut out 4 times now, as you said, glow plug lights flash and engine goes into limp mode. Turn off engine and it restarts after 5 mins as though nothing wrong, and garage can't replicate problem. Computer shows fuel pressure problem but my local garage has recommended taking it to Ford main dealer - will cost £90 for them to diagnose though - help! I am 'helpless female' to make things worse...