Long life bulbs - Dave N
My H7 dip beam bulbs have only lasted 18 months/35,000 km's. For some reason they both failed within 24 hours of each other. We run DLR's here, so was considering long life bulbs for a mere 50p extra each. So do they actually last longer, or am I just wasting a quid?
Long life bulbs - bell boy
whats a quid between filaments
Long life bulbs - the swiss tony
My H7 dip beam bulbs have only lasted 18 months/35 000 km's. For some reason
they both failed within 24 hours of each other. We run DLR's here

were the bulbs that failed the DLR's?
if so thats not a bad life span really... lit for 35 000kms.

why shouldnt they go together?
they are lit for the same amount of time, and suffer the same shakes and bumps etc that the road gives them...
Long life bulbs - ifithelps
If the longlife bulbs are anything like the ones I've got in the house you'll be crashing into the first car you come across.

Long life bulbs - Dave N
Yeah, I guess at an average of 60km/h, thats a life of 577 hours. The Osram site reckons an average of 3-400 hours. They also claim an almost doubling with their new longlife ones. As one of them takes about an hour to fit, I guess I'll splash out the extra quid.

Ha, they may outlive the car. Being a common rail diesel with a dpf, there's every chance it will lunch the fuel pump or block the filter first.

Long life bulbs - freddy1
on my old motorbike , I used to go thru stop/tail bulbs about once a fortnight , due to vibration.

I fitted those led ones from ebay with about 36 leds in them , present one been in for 12 mths and looking good
Long life bulbs - Pugugly
Or buy a nice smooth Japanese/German/British four of course
Long life bulbs - freddy1
no keep riding my old enfield and pay sensible prices for spares

piston ring set = £9.50

head gsk = £3.50

price those up on a jap bike (if you can get them?)

ebay bulb (x2) = £5.00 from china , and still working 52 x normal bulb lenght of time
Long life bulbs - a900ss
For the minimal cost of a bulb, I'd chose a Philips or Osram +80%/+90% bulb every time. I'd rather see where I'm going when it gets dark and replace the bulb every year than have a weaker bulb lighting the road than lasts 2 years.

Good headlight bulbs and windcreen wipers are VERY cheap compared to cut price alternatives if you factor in the extra safety they offer.