06 1.4 Intermittent Brake Lights - Keith Mc
The brake lights on my wife?s Peugeot 307 (06 registration) are only intermittently coming on.

I have bought new bulbs and installed them, I have checked the bulbs in the brake light strip at the top of the hatchback and they are all working. When they DO work all three come on (strip at top and brake lights), when they don?t work NONE of them come on.

Cables look OK as per the garage. However, a bloke in a local garage to work told me that there is a switch by the front passenger door somewhere that may have been knocked but as yet I have not had a chance to check this.

As I mentioned they are only intermittently coming on.

Any ideas please?. as it?s a bit dangerous considering she does the school run with the kids in the back and I reckon it?s only a matter of time before some bonehead drives into the back of her?

Keith McCormack
06 1.4 Intermittent Brake Lights - Dave_TD
Have you checked the switch on the brake pedal? And its associated connectors etc, obviously. Also it would be a good idea to check the relevant fuse or even swap it for a known sound one just to eliminate that.

The only "switch" by the passenger door that I can think of would be the impact fuel cut-off, nothing to do with stop lights at all.

Dave TD

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06 1.4 Intermittent Brake Lights - Keith Mc
Thanks Dave TD.

Changed fuse for definitely working one and no joy.

Can't see or feel any switch on the brake pedal though. Where is it likely to be located on the pedal?

Keith Mc


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06 1.4 Intermittent Brake Lights - elekie&a/c doctor
I think you will find that the brake light switch is located in the passenger footwell ,up and behind the glove box,on the brake mechanism.hth

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