Classics car show: Harpenden - Roger Jones
May I remind everyone about one of the best events in the country?

It's a general event, not marque specific. The total number of exhibitors is limited this year for safety reasons, but it's still going to be well over a thousand.

Unless you are an exhibitor, it's best to get there by train: park at Luton Parkway or St Albans. Services very frequent; the event site is within easy walking distance of the station and of dozens of pubs and restaurants, and a very good fish & chips shop.

Weather permitting, it's a great way to spend a balmy evening, and there's not a lot of rivet counters about.

I'm not involved formally, but am just an enthusiastic local supporter.
Classics car show: Harpenden - bathtub tom
>>it's best to get there by train

Not showing the Capri?

I intend to be there. If you see a six foot, sixteen stone, sixty year old with thinning grey hair and wearing bifocals, come and say hello. Ask at the Falcon or CSMA car club areas where the Kia Pride driver is if you can't find me.
Classics car show: Harpenden - spikeyhead {p}
I'll wander along if I'm about. It's a very pleasant way of spending an evening.
Classics car show: Harpenden - Roger Jones
"Not showing the Capri?"

I decided not to do so until it is 25 years old, and that will be in November. By then I may well have dealt with the few and slight imperfections in its appearance. Now at 75.5k and still going strong, its original downpipes are being replaced this week. The only other problem is a mild bit of front-end wobble at higher speeds, yet to be diagnosed.
Classics car show: Harpenden - Roger Jones
Just a bump to remind everyone that the show is next week.
Classics car show: Harpenden - RaineMan

For those interested in bikes quite a few turn up particularly if it is not raining. I have not been for a couple of years but last time I went there were quite a few Honda Gold/Silver Wings, maybe around forty scooters and a vast array of bikes from a Bantam to a Vincent with everything in between.
Classics car show: Harpenden - spikeyhead {p}
I'm working in the Netherlands, won't make this one.
Classics car show: Harpenden - movilogo
Is the show on 29 July ie tomorrow? [as per their site]

Very odd it is not on weekend!
Classics car show: Harpenden - bathtub tom
I'm off to meet a couple of fellow cronies for a pub lunch before catching a train to Harpenden.

See you there?

I'm taking a cagoule!
Classics car show: Harpenden - RaineMan

Yes it is today. A friend texted me to say they started preparing before lunch - but no cars allowed on the common before 4:00 pm. He also said looking at the sky the other "classic" they might need is "Handel's Water Music". Could be a wet one!
Classics car show: Harpenden - FP
I may make this, as I'm very local.

My advice to anyone who doesn't know the area VERY well is to go by train. Nearby parking will be very difficult! The walk from the station is 5 - 10 minutes only.

I can't comment about the parking for Luton Parkway (if you decide to go from there), but the parking for St Albans Station can be a pain - maybe less so in the evening.

Let's hope the rain holds off!
Classics car show: Harpenden - RaineMan

Friend who has gone said it was spitting when he arrived at 4:00 but there were varied and interesting cars starting to arrive. He then went for a coffee and when he came out it had started to brighten up. So it seems if you are undecided just "Go for it!". Hopefully I will make it next year and in a classic.
Classics car show: Harpenden - bathtub tom
Wish I'd worn my wellies as well as the cagoule. :>(

Highlights for me:

Renault Dauphine. The last time I saw one was when I ploughed a motorbike into the back of one. The Renault came off worse.

Dellow with polished ally body.

Lotus eleven with polished ally body (see the weld lines on the bonnet). Last year it hadn't been polished since new I'd guess.
Classics car show: Harpenden - frazerjp
If this event was held this weekend I might be able to participate, but as I was working today :(