What happened to Toyota Land Cruiser? - BobbyG
I saw one of these today, the first for what seems like years!

I remember that for a good while there were a lot of these on the road, competing with Range Rovers in the luxury "in your face" 4x4 market.

But as RR seems to have moved up a level, the Land Cruisers seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth, certainly round the areas I drive in.

Did they lose out to the new breed of Pick-ups for business / commercial use? Would previous LC drivers now have a L200 or X5 or Range Rover?

Just curious! Always wanted a Landcruiser Amazon 4.2 !!
What happened to Toyota Land Cruiser? - Lou_O

The toyota UK website still advertises them, but at a starting price of 55k I don't think they're very competitive. Perhaps it comes down to simple snobbishness, it seems that in the UK people won't spend that kind of money on car if it's not German.

I'm not sure that an L200 would be seen as a comparable, the 200 series landcruiser is at least as luxurious as a Range Rover and arguably a better off roader.
What happened to Toyota Land Cruiser? - Altea Ego
55k is too dear for what is, basically, a posh truck.
What happened to Toyota Land Cruiser? - NARU
There are two landcruiser ranges sold in the UK. The 'Amazon' is £55k-ish, and an awful lot of car for the money but I imagine the price tag puts people off.

The LC range (30k-ish) is almost at the end of its life, due to be replaced next year.

I had to do a bit of searching to find my LC4 last year (the middle of the LC range). Little to report. The rear propshaft needed greasing. That's it. I expect to still be driving it in 10 years time.
What happened to Toyota Land Cruiser? - gordonbennet
Yes some customers that would probably have gone for a Landcruiser have instead bought pick ups.

We did just that and bought a Hilux with the same engine as the LC4/5, several reasons, VED £185 instead of £400+, a simpler vehicle overall, and at least £10K cheaper.
The only downside is they're not full time 4WD, but you can overcome the wet skittishness a lot by upgrading tyres.

Though i confess i would dearly like a new model Amazon with the V8 diesel, very few on the road at the moment, and they do hold their price.

What happened to Toyota Land Cruiser? - Shaz {p}
I would love to see a review of the new LC. Although now unfashionable, I am surprised that a truck like with the history and almost iconic status is almost ignored; where as other pretenders (X3, X5, X6) are on every motoring magazine.

Come on HJ, where's the review??

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What happened to Toyota Land Cruiser? - brum
Got overtaken by a speeding L200 Double Cab with super skinny lo profile rubber bands and the usual graphics, roll bars etc. Most ridiculous looking piece of crap I've seen for a long time. I doubt it will ever carry a load. Must be nice and bouncy riding on those leaf springs!

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