identify this engine? ;-) - Javalin
It looks 6 cylinder and 24 valve to me - judging by the 4 x cam's at the top. Air con I guess via the big lump at the bottom left....

Any clues as to displacement / Turbo?
Just interested really....


identify this engine? ;-) - bathtub tom
Ask Jerry, he's there. ;>)
identify this engine? ;-) - davidh
Mitsubishi 3000GT engine.

3.0 litre

Probably about 10-15 years old as it has old fashioned pluch leads!
identify this engine? ;-) - NARU
With the added hamster power!
identify this engine? ;-) - Javalin
..."A two-plus-two coupé, the 3000GT features a 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine with 281bhp driving through..."

Cheers for that - who'd of thought at all that power was from a hampster!

Just a funny - see who's awake on Monday morning!

Cheers all,

identify this engine? ;-) - perro
Dunno but the rubber band gives me the twitch!
identify this engine? ;-) - NARU
Watch for the additional bills though ...
identify this engine? ;-) - Paul G1pdc
The car in the back ground might give the game away...
it says twin turbo on the window.
an ex-work mate had one 3000gt (uk) for 80,000 miles and sold it when the clutch was giving up. the front active spoiler (yep front and rear spoilers adjust at speed) got broken by a rabbit!!!
but apart from that, no major bills....
he said it was fun in the snow, with 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering and the power..