Wheel alignment mystery - revjem
The much-vaunted Micheldever Tyres certainly offer keen prices and a clean, pleasant environment. But what is it they do in the alignment bay that turns a £30 tyre into a £60 bill? A red light flashes, and the (very relaxed) technician walks about a bit and moves the car a bit, and the queue builds up outside, but what is really happening? Do we need to pay for this? I'd feel happier if I could be assured that something REALLY IMPORTANT is going on!
Wheel alignment mystery - steve paterson
Something really important is going on. They're stitching you up for another 30 quid. Cheap tyres are a loss leader.
Wheel alignment mystery - revjem
Does Honest John monitor these messages? He gives Micheldever Tyres a good plug often enough. Or is this typical of the industry, where it seems to be assumed that you will say "yes" to all the extras because they're "experts".


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