Any Discount for a Honda? - techy
I am hoping to assist my elderly father in buying a Honda Jazz 1.4 ES i-shift. This will be his last car since he anticipates driving only for the next couple of years.

In an effort to do the best for him I ask if it possible to expect a discount on the dealer price of £13,350 (metallic paint, Premium Option Pack, and something called paint Superguard)? It is a little more than he would really like to spend.

It seems that since Honda have a strong reputation for quality and reliability they may not negotiate as I have not seen any sign yet of a willingness to lower the price (we had a demo 5 days ago), even in spite of the economic situation.

Elsewhere you can find advertsied £1000's off list price, but I have seen nothing in any media articles about 'Honda deals', etc, incl. this very own HJohn website.

So in a sense is buying a Honda in this downturn no great advantage?

Grateful for any thoughts and opinions.
Any Discount for a Honda? - daveyjp
My dad is also looking at buying a new Jazz. He looked just befroe Christmas and dicsounts were minimal. The prices have since gone up IIRC by at least £500, but discounts are still hard to come by.

He has sourced a couple of ex demos, but these are advertised at very close to list price.

BTW - Supaguard is a waste of time. Negotiate purely on the car you want and don't be fooled into thinking having this supplied 'free' saves you £300, or whatever other ludicrous figure Honda charge for it.
Any Discount for a Honda? - Falkirk Bairn
A rather large presenter (2nd hand cars mostly )on TV & ANother Sunday Paper columnist has a website that offers to find a car at a good price.

Hondas are mentioned - whether they can source the auto Jazz is a matter for you to chase!
Any Discount for a Honda? - Lygonos
Wasn't the auto-Jazz advertised as £35/yr road tax, but failed to get below 120g/km CO2 ?

Has it been re-engineered to hit this yet ?

Plenty of the last model around with big discount I'd imagine. If he only wants a car for 2-3 years why blow an extra few grand on a new one ?
Any Discount for a Honda? - miata
Try if you require discount.