01 1.6 factory fit radio/CD player not working - RogerM4
I have a 2001 Honda Civic 1.6 SE VTEC with a Honda radio/CD player. Recently the radio/CD player suddenly stopped working and the clock, that is normally visible on the display whenever the ignition is on (even if the radio/cd is off), disappeared. I checked and changed the dedicated radio fuse in the accessories fuse box even though it seemed to be OK. The radio/cd player would still not work, neither did the clock reappear. Is there a fuse in the radio itself that could be the source of the problem? Or could there be another explanation? Any help would be much appreciated.

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01 1.6 factory fit radio/CD player not working - mimbo
My cd/radio packed up and it was not covered under the warrentie, went to halfords and had a cd/radio fitted for £150 and I had one with a clock on it
Before my cd/radio packed up it was playing up, would play full blust cd music when the car was locked up
I owned the civic for nearly for 4 years, it was a very nice car but very basic
01 1.6 factory fit radio/CD player not working - Woodspeed
Many units have a line fuse very near the unit, or even plugged into the back. But you can get excellent units that play MP3 CDs now from Clarion, JVC, Sony, etc, from about £50, plus the necessary fitting kit and fascia for a Honda from about £20.

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