05 1.6 Rear washer - peteses
My rear washer has stopped working. When you push the stork I can hear the washer motor but only for a short while. It doesn't continue to buzz. No water is expelled from rear jet. Front works fine. I don't know if it uses the same motor for front and back?
I have tried cleaning the jet with a fine wire from a wire brush no luck. I disconnected pipe from jet and no water is getting to the jet. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks.
05 1.6 Rear washer - gurps4u
hi, ive got the same proble, taken the pastice ocver off, tried suck and cleaning head with pin, but doesn't seem to work, have you fixed your problem if so how, maybe will take to a mechanic and try to fix it, please contact me at gurps4u@hotmail.com if you manged to fix the problem to i can do the same, do you know what the likeyl cost to fix would be