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Hello everyone

I have a golf gt tdi 130 bhp remapped to 177 bhp 03 plate... its done 126k...

Few months ago i coudn't put the gear into reverse, i switched off/on the car then it started working.

A week ago, i was driving normally, i stopped on the side of the road to reverse and go the opposite direction, the car would not engage into reverse i switched off/on the car but reverse woudn't work... A person along the road pushed the car backward for me somehow the reverse then started working. This was sorted, but then i faced another problem at the same time where the car would engage into gear one and and 2 but wouldn't move at all, it would just rave as if it's neutral... Gear 3, 4 5 6 was working fine......... a mechanic came to my house who played about with linkages who got gear 1 2 3 4 5 6 into work but then the reverse woud not work.... i moved the linkages around, i got reverse back into work but then 1 and 2 wouldn't work.

The end story is that, i showed it around to different mechanics and i got different stories from them so i do not know who to trust... anyways... i got my uncle and my self to get the gearbox out.... i took the clutch out...... the clutch was completely gone, i changed the complete clutch kit.... and the slave cylnder coz it was loose.... i put the gearbox back on today.... the new clutch is working perfectly but still gear 1 and 2 is not working. the car woud not move in those two gears....... still having the same problem.... i m not driving the car again in 3 coz that will burn off the clutch.... any help please..... .... Do you guys think that the selector fork is broke..... if that is broke, wouldn't that make any obvious noise in gearbox?.... How much is the selector fork ?

Thank You

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03 1.9 GT TDI 130 - Gearbox Problem - NewMurp


I actually drive a VW Golf GT TDI 1.0 2002 101,000 miles also, and the same thing has just happened to me last friday night. Drove in the driveway at home, went to reverse the car, but wouldnt go into reverse.. So pushed the car back a bit, and it appeared to go into reverse finally but when i tried to put it into 1st and then 2nd, it just was like it was in neutral. 3,4,5,6 seemed to be fine however....

Thought it maybe a problem with the switch or the the gear rods, so took it to a ex - VW mechanic and he had a look. He said switch and rods were fine but reckoned something in the gearbox had gone, so on the look for a second hand gear box now.. And they are very rare here in Ireland..

Has anyone else seen this problem before??? I know its going to cost me a fortune to fix this..

Have had much problems with this car now.. Main computer had to be replaced, brakes failed, Electric windows failed, central locking plays havoc, strange rattle now in the engine when on bumpy roads.. I have paided nearly more in replacing parts for this car than the actual price to buy it.. Sad really.. VW my a***!!!

03 1.9 GT TDI 130 - Gearbox Problem - madf

Sounds like worn selctor forks or bushes or both....

03 1.9 GT TDI 130 - Gearbox Problem - Peter D

Did you change the DMF as well as the clutch. Regards Peter


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