2006 2.4 Engine Vibration D5 - bob1949
2006 D5 SE V70 (185) Manual. 31000 miles on the clock, purchased 2 months ago.

There is a resonance / vibration during 1.5 to 1.8 rev range, which is VERY evident on the steering wheel. It happens in any gear, especially bad when accerating up hill when the engine is under torque. Strange, as soon as I get past 1800 revs, the engine is as smooth as you would expect. The same can be said when cruising in 5th 6th gear, and acclerating through this rev range.

The car has been in several times to my local Volvo dealer, who have tried several things, including, changing the grey plastic engine cover, which was faulty and vibrating, this made things a bit better. They have also Inspected all the top & lower engine mounts and the mountings on the top engine stabilization bar. I have read, if at fault, the Dual mass flywheel could cause this problem. They agree, that there is unacceptable vibration evident but can't pin it down or find a cure.

Have tried several other V70's with no problems. Pity I did not return the car under thier 30 day replacement period. I have taken this matter up with Volvo UK.
2006 2.4 Engine Vibration D5 - adverse camber
Does it happen out of gear / clutch in?

Top engine mount used to be well known as an issue on the v70
2006 2.4 Engine Vibration D5 - bob1949
Thanks for the reply. will give the gear / clutch option a try. This would point towards the dual mass flywheel which I've read about.

All the Engine mounts have all been tested by Volvo.
2006 2.4 Engine Vibration D5 - adverse camber
The other thing of course is to have the bonnet up and someone watching the engine/exhaust/etc while someone else revs it.

I wouldnt always place my trust in a dealer saying that things are fine. But I would be hoping not DMF

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2006 2.4 Engine Vibration D5 - bob1949
Thanks for the reply.

have tried reving the car with the bonnet up. This problem really does annoy me as I have driven quite a few V70's with no fault. I've also read that the Injectors can be at fault, which can cause the engine to vibrate??

If the fault is the DMF, it will be covered by the warranty.

Another thing that bugs me is my previous 1999 Classic V70D 2.5 was far better on fuel economy. I used to average 40 to the gallon on my daily trips, this model only averages 33 to 35 mpg. I've read you can get a soft ware update to improve the fuel consumption. do you know anything about this.

2006 2.4 Engine Vibration D5 - defender
the 2006 version will have a DPF which has an effect on fuel consumption ,the figures you mention would be about the same as spoken about on the volvo forums under the diesel engine section

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