05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - ED731PDH
Hello all.

First time post so please be gentle.

Nissan X-Trail 05 plated 2.2Dci fitted with integrated dash sat nav and Nissan badged radio/cd player. Unit is currently on second radio due to first developing dry joints internally and only working when the car was warm. Car is now way out of warrany and guess what, replacement radio No.2 is now going the same way. Just static with no tuning ability until the car has warmed up whereupon normal service is resumed. I suspect that the main heating trunk behind the dash runs to the rear of the radio and warms it up but without looking...!

Does anybody know first of all how the front silver dash surround unclips as the radio mounts are hidden behind? Secondly, can anybody recommend a suitable direct replacement radio module that will interface with the steering wheel flippers (vol+/-, track up/down, source and repeat). It has been mentioned to me that the aerial preamp system on the roof may share with the sat nav system so I have to be careful.

Many years ago I did get an Alpine radio to successfully interface to a Rover 25 but as the Nissan is more complicated I would appreciate some pointers to avoid jumping in and making a mess of it. I'm not best pleased with the quality of the Nissan radios, nor the inflated price of a replacement 3rd unit.

05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - McP
Have you tried Nissan for a facia adapter?
They sell them for the 99-02 Primera which has a larger than standard radio.

Have a google for x-trail stereo.
There are a few sites with cables and removal instructions.
05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - Falkirk Bairn
Scrappy? Must be some cars written off with the same Bird View Sat-Nav still working.
05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - ED731PDH
The radio fitted to the dash of the sat nav version of the X-Trail is a standard unit so a facia adaptor plate is not needed if I want to replace the radio. Where the radio is not standard is that it does not use release pins in the four corners to pull the unit out, it's all bolted from behind the front facia.

I am worried about trying to unclip the silver facia panel and breaking the clips in the process in order to get to the mounting screws.

Not many at the scrappers at the moment....... :o(
05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - Fletch
I replaced mine with a mid range Kenwood with aux in/USB. Good luck trying to find an adaptor for the steering wheel controls. Best i could find was going to be around £120 and didnt offer full use of all the buttons, just volume and track up/down. To remove the facia i used my leatherman but any medium sized flat bladed screwdriver will do. Gently slide it underneath the facia starting at the bottom and slowly lever it out. Once the first 2 clips at the bottom are done, work your way round from side to side watching for the heater control looms. The clips seem pretty durable and dont take much pressure to pop past the ridge. Its a tight squeeze to swap the unit unless you disconnect the wiring looms from the heater controls which lets you rest the facia in front of the speedo cluster. Dont forget the necessary wiring block adaptor for your new stereo (Harness Adaptor PC2-72-4) from which ever source you may get your new stereo :)
05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - philthunder
Hi I replaced mine with a Sony DAB. To remove radio facia first remove , Two srews in dash box at top, two screws under thin trim panel at base, behind gear lever looking up at the trim. With these removed pull whole facia surround towards you. 4x4 switch at base needs disconnecting and if I remember another plug, push in little catch on plug and ease the connector out. Radio is held in by four screws. Its a double din size, I used a Halfords pocket with a little trimming of the sides. Radio at top pocket below
Do a stalk converter for the Sony and I used an aerial splitter for the DAB, you will also need a DIN to Nissan radio connector.
Look in Kenwood home site they also do a factory stalk converter.
Look in www.australianxtrail.com.au/ they do all manner of conversions and there are pictures of removing the radio.
Good luck
05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - philthunder
Sorry wrong car the removal of the dash above refers to the Note, the Xtrail pulls out from the bottom it is only clipped on, ease it out from the base upward and there are four connector plugs to remove. The rest is correct though.
05 2.2 Replacing a Nissan branded radio/cd player - Ethan Edwards

On my 2003 2.5 SVE I replaced the radio with a double din Pioneer Avic F900BT. spent a few quid (£40) on a interface setup so I can use the wired remote buttons too. If I were you I'd ditch the Nissan branded SatNav one and go aftermarket.


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