06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - Robin the Technician
Hi Guys,
SWMBO has complained that Daughters Corsa lights are poor and need something doing with them. So, got some Osram bulbs that state 50% brighter (please, no major discussions about luminocity etc, thanks). So, set about replacing the dipped headlight bulbs - However, could not see how the retaining clip is unclipped. I've replaced loads of these types of bulbs in many other cars but this seems a). different type and b). nearly impossible to get at. I thought I'd remove the headlight complete (as I thought I'd replace the main beam bulbs at the same time) but even that looks like you have to remove the bumper. Am i missing something here? I'm a technician of some 30 years and after half an hour gave up to leave it another day (it was raining too!!)

Any advice and guidance would be appreciated.

06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - Dynamic Dave
I've just had a quick look over on www.corsasport.co.uk, but I'm damned if I can find a search button anywhere in which to search their forum. I'm sure there used to be one on there.

The official way to change the offside headlight bulbs on my Vectra-C is to remove the headlight, which means removing the bumper first, so it wouldn't surprise me if the Corsa-C is the same. I actually managed to change the dipped beam bulb by removing the air filter assembly instead on my Vectra-C though.
06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - rtj70
Some VAG cars need some air filter like components taking out to swap bulbs on the driver side.... workshop job. Happened on my Passat (1999) and an A4 (1998 - but they did not charge).
06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - Victorbox
I think it is bumper off on all face lift Corsa C's - easy enough to change bulb apparently on pre-face lift Corsas without the fancy new style headlights.
06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - topbloke
i can confirm its bumper of headlights out job to change any of the bulbs, in my opinion the bulbs are a safty item and as such they should be readily changeable, not much point haveing a full set of bulbs as spare for the EU only to have virtually dismantle the car to change the damn things,it aint a roadside repair, i am in the trade and constantly frustrated by this scenario and then try explaining to the customer that i have to charge him/her 3/4 of an hour labour for a 50p bulb Regards TB
06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - jayeastanglia
right i done loads of these..if its angel eyes type..the dipped beam light on nearside needs fusebox lid off unclip the cover on the lamp the clip for the bulb is clipped from the top.the metal tag goes to the side of the bulb and pulls down to get the bulb out.off side the same but needs the flexi air pipe removed.it pulls out.....main beam is bumper off and headlights out..no other way..normal halogen type just as normal....it tells u how to do all 3 types in the owners manual btw....xenon type is bumper and headlight off as its easier that way with that type.......allow about 30 mins if doing dipped beam..and 1 to 2 hours depending how rusted the bolts are on the bumper.
06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - gordonbennet
Thanks for this thread and the useful replies, thats another car crossed off my daughters list of potentials for the future.
06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - DP
I think a car should fail its type approval testing instantly for this kind of thing.

Even if underbonnet space constraints force manufacturers to put components right up against the back of the light, it takes minutes (and costs pennies) to design headlamps which can be released quickly from the front/top without dismantling anything else around them.


06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - John S
Just checked the instruction book on MrsJS's Tigra B which is Corsa C based. It says dip beams can be replaced from the engine compartment via the back of the lights, needing the air cleaner box hose removed/replaced on one side. Main and parking lights - it says have the work done by a dealer!! So, I reckon that's bumber off then. I just can't wait for a bulb failure!

06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - jayeastanglia
if you ever do the main beam bulbs do both at the same time...btw the work can be done in about 1 hour less when you have done several of them..
06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - Little Hands Man

Google brought me to here while looking up how to do this and some of the explainations were very daunting but I just went out to my 2008 (New Model) Corsa and managed to change both without removing lights, bumper or filters. I think the stick is having small hands maybe? It was VERY awkward but got it done..

06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - nickskyline

im doing a corsa myself but i have no brakes and im stuck but i think you have to take the air filter straightout easy job then you see a bit more of what to do or how to take it out but do check that the glass might come out instead

06 1.4 Headlight bulb replacement - corsakid

Right, I have just done my wife's corsa headlamp bulbs, it is a 2005 facelift model, with the ellipsoidal lamps. You can probably get at the dip beam, but definately have to remove the lams to change the full beam or the side light bulbs. To get at the white cover, either remove the hose on the air intake behind the right side lamp, or remove the fuse cover for the left hand side one.

To remove the bumper:

  • 3 bolts on top of grill under the bonnet, along the top of the crash beam between the headlamps (easy)
  • 3 plastic plugs underneath the bumper (reasonabley easy) pull out the cenre section pin which releases the grip on the plug)
  • at the bottom of each wheel arch where the bumper joins, there is a screw (easy)
  • At the wheel arch where the bumper joins at the top, there is a screw to remove. This is held in place by the plastic trim around the wheel arch, and keeps the upper part of the bumper in. (reasonably easy but fiddly)

The bumper then pulls off, and you can get at the lamps - 4 bolts to remove and it drops out. Taks off the main wiring plug (there is a red bit that pulls up and releases the plug).

No problem changing bulbs now. I would suggest you do the other lamp bulbs too, as you have done the hard part to get at the unit.

Bulbs are halogen H7.


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