Malta driving holiday - Alwyn
Anyone recommend a good hotel in Malta to enable a few days pootling about in a rental motor. (yeah, I know it's a diddy island!)

Which is the best resort, not to many yobs about but plenty of entertainment. So much on the web but you canna beat personal experience.

Malta driving holiday - Flat in Fifth

Driving in Malta, remember they don't drive on the left, they don't drive on the right, they drive in the shade! Seriously! Plus good luck with the hire car, most have no lights, not much in the way of brakes and in one case no reverse!

We have stayed in the Ramla Bay Hotel, its only in Mercury Direct brochures now I think, but we enjoyed it esp as at the time they had a sailing school and hire of windsurfers, dinghys (Laser, Enterprise IIRC) was all included. Plus you could sometimes persuade the instructors to take the safety boat out and let you do a bit of wakeboarding when the wind dropped. or

Maybe not your priorities but we enjoyed it. Only problem is its on the NW end of the island with beggar all around it.

you might also try to look at this

Sights to see, Mdina, incl taking a horse drawn carriage ride, lets face it if I got suckered so can you!!
Mosta dome, still got the unexploded bomb dropped by the Hun.
Blue Grotto, sea caves accessible by boat

what else do you want? e mail me if you want and can continue this off site if you wish.

PS Yobs? I don't think you get yobs in Malta. Its the only place I can recall walking into a bar and the staff stopped serving the Germans who were in there first and came to serve us. Very pro English even after woss is name?

Malta driving holiday - Pugugly {P}
Depends on your budget - but I stayed in Ta Cenc Hotel on Gozo
last November, pretty cool place. Motoring Link - this featured in the Sweeny 2 film on Channel 5 the other night.....
Malta driving holiday - Tony Bee
We stayed once in Melliah (spelling ?) Bay Hotel and the local car hire firm had excellent clean modern cars.Good tyres good brakes everything fine.
Local driving is unbelievable .Overtaking, slowly, on hill bends and simply playing chicken to see who backs down first .They are all barmy.
I M H O forget the hire car and use the buses.They are amazing.One I remember had had such a vast engine dropped into it that you had to tread on part of the gearbox as you came up the steps to get to your seat.Each bus seems to be modified every night and road tested the following day.The drivers all have filthy finger nails from their night time engineering and compete with each other on the road.
I remember one hill we were on when I made a fool of myself because I was so scared at what I thought was going to be my last ever bus ride that I stood up and shouted out in alarm much to everyone elses disgust and amusement.
Definitely an experience,and the hand crafted buses all based on old British single deckers are worth photographing.
Malta driving holiday - Alwyn
Thanks to all. Sounds interesting!!! I shall now have see what is available but will be armed with a lot more information.


Malta driving holiday - Peter
During a visit to Malta in 1973, the bus driver sat on the seat next to the driving seat with only his hands on the steering wheel. When asked why he did this, he replied that St. Christopher the patron saint of travellers was actually driving. The rest of the passengers took this as normal, needless to say we did not and it was only a few northern oaths and a clenched fist that persuaded him to adopt the more traditional driving position.

Also, when driving in Malta, it is a good idea to carry a camera or video to record any crash situations you might be in. In my day, because we Brits had to have car insurance, it was not unknown for the local passerbyes to assist the other driver to move the cars around to give the impression that the Brit was at fault. They usually did not have insurance. Do not give the film to the local police it was amazing how it tended to get lost but then again the policeman would have been related to the other driver somehow.

Other than that, very nice people.
Malta driving holiday - crazed
the hilton is the only decent hotel in malta

and its no more expensive than lots of wannabe hotels
Malta driving holiday - blank
if it's anything like Hiltons in this country, then heaven help the rest of the hotels.
Sorry, a bit off topic!
Malta driving holiday - crazed
its actually ok, quite nice, with portomaso harbour just there if you like watersports, in fact its very good

otherwise standard of hotels in malta is terrible
Malta driving holiday - Pugugly {P}

Next time you're on Malta check out the Ta Cenc. This an unique Hotel which is still privately owned, it is one of the least "international" of international of Hotels I have ever stayed in - you could honestly only be in one hotel in the world. Superb cuisine and an unique outdoor eating enviroment.
Malta driving holiday - kimmie
Hi! My family and I are travelling to Melliah Bay next Tuesday (17th) Could you please tell me which car hire firm you used and what their rates were? I haven`t had much luck looking on the web for the them. Thanks :)
Malta driving holiday - malteser
Well - I was born there - only visted once since - horrible place! Is the Gut still as it was I wonder?

Roger. (Costa del Sol, España)
Malta driving holiday - dagwood
We stayed in the Sunflower at Qawra/Bugibba and found it to be very clean and good value for money.
The driving standards leave a lot to be desired as do the state of most of the roads.
Happy holiday.
Malta driving holiday - Stuartli
When we went to Malta we stayed in Sliema where's there's plenty of entertainment - a list of many of the hotels can be found at:

However the buses are so incredibly cheap and frequent that there's not much point, to me at least, in renting a car, especially as mentioned earlier the standard of driving is abysmal for much of the time.
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Malta driving holiday - barney100
I have made a resolution never to hire a car on Malta again. The only vehicle you feel safe in over there is a tank. We hired a jeep thing from a place and the play on the steering wheel was half a turn...No exageration. The brakes were the worst I have ever used and the guy was surprised when I took it back. If you want entertainment just observe a busy road over there for a few minutes...preferably from the safety of a high tree. I hear they have a new rule which allows you to report any vehicle throwing out clouds of fumes from the exhaust...there won't be a bus left. i remember positioning myself to turn R at a busy junction. Watermelon lorry driver pulls out past me on my right and without a glance or indication turns R onto the main road dissecting the traffic I know not how.
Malta driving holiday - IanW1977
Stayed at Ramla bay hotel too for 2 weeks. Not far from the ferry to Gozo which is a lot nicer than malta. We went in the summer heatwave and hired a Daewoo Lanos which had leather seats and Air con so most the time was spent in that driving round on beech towels. The standards of cars and driving is crazy yet no-one there has a hint of road rage.

Malta driving holiday - Martin Devon
Been there twice. First time some 24 years ago and again guessing 6 years ago. Try driving a moped down the M1 on the wrong side during the rush hour. You will be one hell of a lot safer believe me!

Best of luck................................MD.
Malta driving holiday - stevied
I worry myself reading this, as I hired a car in Malta a few years back, and didn't think the driving was that bad!! Does that mean I was just in holiday chill out mode, or am I a maniac?

Anyway, Malta. This time of year it's relatively yob-free, although earlier in the year the resorts like Sliema and St Julians Bay get a bit hectic. Roger, I don't know how you can say it's a horrible place, I thought it was really nice! Valletta is very interesting.
Malta driving holiday - TheOilBurner
I don't understand the fuss either. I drove extensively around Malta and Gozo back in '99 without problems. Sure, they were a little crazy, but not too bad. The hire care was a newish 106, in full working order. No worries there.

Comparing that to the dreadful lump of decaying Seat metal given to me in the Canaries or the unreal driving/mortal combat around Naples after dark, I'd pick Malta everytime...

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