02 1.1 Battery losing current - Dwull
Dear Members,
I have just bought a 106 from my aged aunt who had not run it for about 8 weeks. It started first time when I tried it. 3 days later without use the battery was flat. I have repaced the battery but there seems to be an excessive drain from somewhere as it goes completely flat in a couple of days. It is as though a switch or something has stuck open when I started it after the long rest. I would be grateful if anyone has any idea where to look.
02 1.1 Battery losing current - Lotus mad
These types of problems can sometimes take a while to trace and rectify. If you can get your hands on a multimeter with a current measuring feature, you need to disconnect the positive battery terminal, connect the meter between the battery terminal and the lead to show how much current drain is being experienced (clocks and things should take no more than about 0.1/0.2 amps). I would then work through the fusebox, removing each fuse in turn until the current drain reduces, thus identifying the problem circuit. You can then concentrate on that circuit to try and find the problem. In my experience it ends up being something like a boot light switch thats not closing off and the light remains on, usually something simple......
02 1.1 Battery losing current - Peter.N.
Also check the that the battery is charging properly, you should have about 14 volts across the terminals with the engine running, and check the alternator belt tension.

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02 1.1 Battery losing current - Peter D
Check the light is not on in the boot. Regards Peter
02 1.1 Battery losing current - Dwull
Thanks for the ideas. I have tried taking out the fuses but found they did not disconect anything! I have now taken off the main feed to the fuse box but everything still works which does not make much sense.
02 1.1 Battery losing current - mfarrow
There may be two fuse boxes - one in the cabin and a second one in the engine bay.
02 1.1 Battery losing current - summer
Hi, did you ever find out the cause of this?
My sister has a 106, has had two new batteries and is still experiencing problems with a flat battery if she does not drive the car for just 1 day.
02 1.1 Battery losing current - paulus2008
hi my 106 battery keeps going flat, i've tried a multimeter + pulling fuses(didnt work), does anyone have any ideas as of what could be drainin the battery? i have had the alternator tested to make sure its still charging the battery and it is, can anyone help plz?
02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
Guess what, my trusty 106 has just started sapping the battery from charged to flat in 24 hours.

I've checked the alternator charge and that's showing 14+ volts across the terminals with the engine running, the belt is tight.

I then disconnected the positive battery terminal and connected in series my voltmeter, it showed 12 volts, I know it's not amps (not sure how to do that), I then proceeded to pull the fuses one by one, when I got to the accessory fuse the volts drop by .5, so I'm guessing the problem lies in this circuit.

My question is what to do now? The interior and boot light both go out when they should. The only other thing that works off of the fuse that I can deduce is the radio ... can this be tested? The only way I can think of is to remove the radio and see if the battery is flat tomorrow or is there a better way.

Any other ideas anyone?

02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
Removed the radio and disconnected but no change in the voltage reading so it's not that either.

I don't think anything else works off of this fuse.

Could there be some sort of problem in the alternator that is sapping the battery from that side?

02 1.1 Battery losing current - Peter D
You need to measure the current flow between the mattery terminal and the removed lead. The size of the current will give us a clue what is wrong. This could be a diode failure in the alternator so you mahe to disconnect that and measre the current drawn. Regards Peter
02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
Hi Peter, yes, this is what I've done but when you say current am I right in thinking you mean volts?

Dad suggested about the diode in the alternator so I've removed the big cable and the reading drops from 12.4v to 11.7v over a period of 10 minutes or so, when I reconnect it immediately goes to 12.4v.

Is this a sign of diode failure, and if so, is it something I can fix ie replace the diode?

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02 1.1 Battery losing current - jc2
Current is measured in AMPS.(amperes)
02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
Ok, my mistake, I've just retested the reading on the alternator and it drops from 6.3 to 5.7, so does this indiate a diode problem?
02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
If I open the door the reading fluctuates from 14 to 22, and this is with the interior light turned off, if I remove the fuse it drops to 0.

This is all very confusing, any ideas?

02 1.1 Battery losing current - madf
you may have a short in the door wiring for the interior light.
02 1.1 Battery losing current - jc2
Keep that fuse out and see if it holds it's charge.
02 1.1 Battery losing current - Peter D
14 to22 what. Do you mean Millamps. If you have a reading of 0 then there is no drain with the fuse out. Please clarify. Regards Peter
02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
Yes milliamps.

I've just discovered something else. The fuse not only covers the interior lights and radio but also with the fuse out the engine will turn but not start.

Does this suggest something draining the battery on the starter side of the circuit do you think?

I'm doing a quick experiment today, with the fuse out I'm taking a voltage reading of the battery every half hour, this should confirm that the drain is in that circuit.

I've not got a Haynes circuit diagram, but I've found one here:
I think this is my vehicle.

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02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
After two hours with the fuse out the voltage remained the same, with the fuse back in the voltage dropped .3v after a further two hours.

I know it's not the interior lights or radio, so it looks like it's discharging through the starting circuit somewhere.

Does that suggest starter motor or voltage regulator perhaps?

Any more ideas?
02 1.1 Battery losing current - madf
Such a huge voltage drop must be in a circuit that can take a heavy current drain.

The starter motor is controlled by a relay/switch mounted at the rear of the engine between bulkhead and engine. It could be that has a fault allowing current to flow to earth (it is mounted to the engine - which is earthed.)

It's a fiddle to access from above .. easier in a pit or under a ramp.

Try testing it by replacing it with a s/h from a scrappie and or inspecting all the surrounding wiring for signs of shorting.

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02 1.1 Battery losing current - davecuk
Silly perhaps, but disconnect the battery leads (make sure you can access the vehicle OK).....see if it's drained a few days later when you reconnect and try to start the car.

If it is...buy a new battery, if not, then investigate further as above.

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02 1.1 Battery losing current - cliff
Thanks Madf I'll take a look as soon as this rain goes away again.

Davecuk, I don't suspect the battery because I have a good spare and it's the same result with both, so I'll look into Madf's idea.

Thanks for your replies both.

02 1.1 Battery losing current - thesaint90210
did you find the solution as my 106 has the same problem
02 1.1 Battery losing current - youngmckellar
I have a 106 with the same problem, it only happens when the weather is cold though.
I bought the car summer 04 and have had new batteries and numerous checks done every winter since. No one has managed to solve the problem.
On a particularly cold day it will drain within twelve hours.

The best solution i have found so far is to take the battery out when i park up!!

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02 1.1 Battery losing current - muddyhell

Has anyone been able to sort this problem, my daughters 106 has a 6 milli amp drain on fuse 8. Ive disconnected the radio, all interior lights, removed the speedo binnacle and still showing a discharge..Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

02 1.1 Battery losing current - bathtub tom

>>6 milli amp drain

Don't waste your time!

That's less than 6amp/hours a month. Assuming the battery's around 20 amp/hour, that's at least four months discharge time.

It's probably normal.

02 1.1 Battery losing current - muddyhell

So where the hell is the drain thats causing the battery to go flat???

New battery, alternator chucking out 14 v..but leave the car 2 days and battery flat as a pancake!!! Does the starter motor or alternator have a diode in it which could be causing current to fllow back to earth?? I hate leccy faults and a garage can rack up a huge bill trying to find it..

02 1.1 Battery losing current - elekie&a/c doctor

Are you sure it is 6mA. A very good /accurate digimeter is needed to read a value this low A drain of around 600mA would cause a flat battery in 2 days.hth.

02 1.1 Battery losing current - muddyhell

All sorted, the "new" battery, one of H******** best was to fault..losing 4 volts over 12 hrs ...of course they are not admitting that the battery is faulty!! Glad I wasted a few weekends checking everything on the car except the new battery as sure being new it would be fine. Learn something new every day..lol


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