96 998 Stalling in puddles - Supergran
When driving through standing water I stall. This may be due to my inablilty to use correct revs and speed, but last week I stalled going through a blocked roadside drain puddle on a lefthand bend. The depth was minimal and I couldn't have gone too fast. It was raining too hard to do the usual mass spraying of WD40 on plugs and distributor, but after five minutes a desperate turn of the key started successfully. On inspecting my trustee Haynes to identify the cable disappearing under the gearbox I noticed I don't have a splashguard. Could this be the cause? I have no problems starting in wet weather, only surface water. If so, where can I get a replacement splashguard
96 998 Stalling in puddles - Mapengo
Hi Supergran,

A lot of the Micra's weren't fitted with under trays (splashguard) but to be honest, travelling through water up to approx 6" deep there should not be any problem at walking speeds with water splashing up. Any faster than that and you are risking potential damage, not only from water ingress but also hidden hazards such as potholes, debris etc.

You will be able to find what you need from any scrapyard (vehicle dismantler / salvage yard) but if you car wasn't originally fitted with one the you wont have the bolts / captive fixings either.

If you really want one then ask a local workshop to sort it for you using 2nd hand parts or - sharp intake of breath - visit your local dealer ....

96 998 Stalling in puddles - Supergran
Thanks Mapengo. The Haynes photo shows it being fitted vertically to the wheel arch, and I certainly have pre-drilled holes which look as though they match up - does it extend underneath? I had a new clutch fitted about a year ago, maybe they left it off !! I'll try the scrapyards, as the car is probably worth far less than the dealer will charge :0(
96 998 Stalling in puddles - Mapengo
Sounds like the garage that fitted your clutch "forgot" to refit your wheel arch liner.
It is amazing how many so called garages damage or leave off undertrays, liners, belt covers etc.
Gives the industry a very bad name...

Happy hunting.

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