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New driving test content. - FotheringtonThomas
Apparently (article in "The Daily Telegraph", drivers are going to have some sort of rudimentary evaluation of the efficiency of their driving, in terms of fuel consumption. According to the paper: "The new test has been introduced by the Driving Standards Agency in order to comply with European Union legislation.". Um. Anyway, candidates are going to get advice on how to improve. One would think this could be done better during lessons.
New driving test content. - audi dave
From what I heard on Radio 2, the new test will include an assessment of driving for economy. At this stage people won't fail the test for not driving with economy in mind - but presumably the intention is to introduce this in the future.

Seems logical to me that learners will need to include economical driving as part of the preparation in advance of the test.

Will it give people an advantage if they take the test in a Citroen C1 rather than a Range Rover Sport I wonder ?
New driving test content. - jase1
Oh no.

A whole new generation of mimsing drivers.

Most citizens of this country don't know how to take their brains out of first gear, so we'll have a whole bunch of people pulling out in front of you from junctions and taking half an hour to reach 28mph in 5th gear etc.

Heaven help us.
New driving test content. - skorpio
Yet another waste of time. Lets face it, as soon as you pass your test, you pretty much forget all the stuff you were taught and end up driving the way you want to anyhow. You've got to want to drive encomomically so why waste time and effort administering a test to see how many people can eek 40mpg from their car?
New driving test content. - Screwloose

Yeah, yeah; but does it mention anything about puddles....?
New driving test content. - daveyjp
"taking half an hour to reach 28mph in 5th gear etc"

If the mantra does become "get into the highest gear as soon as possible" this demonstrates HM Govt know nothing about driving efficiently as it is very inefficient.
New driving test content. - movilogo
Few months back, the fee for driving theory test was increase (not sure if practical was increased too) and they said they'd add more questions on the exam.

Now they are saying they will add economical driving section. Surely, using this execuse, they will lengthen the test time and thus will increase the fee again.

Everything is just eyewash. They just need an excuse to hike the fee every now and then.

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