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I have a 1985 T25 Panel Van 1.9DG petrol RHD. I had a reconditioned Pierburg 2E3 carb and had a problem where turning the mixture screw (not the idle screw) didnt seem to have any effect. After a lot of carb investigation and renewal of the heater unit, I decided to replace the Pierburg with a Weber. I have fitted the weber and have the same problem. Turning the enrichment screw is having no effect. Does anyone know of any underlying problem that can affect the mixture screws response? Also, not sure if its related, but the oil pressure warning light flashes as well Any advice appreciated.

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1985 1.9dg Carb mixture screw ineffective - Screwloose

An air leak into the inlet side comes to mind.

The oil light will be a broken wire about six inches away from the alternator, inside the sheathed loom going to the connector above the starter.

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