98 1.9 anyone recommend a TDI specialist in London - brashquido
Girlfriend and I have a 98 VW 1.9 TDI Passat Estate which until a recent road trip holiday was working perfectly (despite the 150,000 miles on the clock). During the last few weeks of this 4,000 mile driving holiday the car developed a problem with a pretty severe, but intermittent lack of power when on a motorway doing 60~70mph or when the engine is under load (such as going up a hill or accelerating to overtake). At first this happened very rarely but by the time we got home from our holiday a few weeks later was happening pretty much every day. This problem (or similar) seems very well documented on the web, and from what I've read it would seem there is potentially an issue with the MAF as when I turn the engine off and on again it operates normally again with no power issues.

As the amount of car knowledge my girlfriend and I have (especially TDI) could fit on a pin head we really are not in a position to try and fix this ourselves. I was going to just take the car into a VW dealer to see if they could fix it, however their hourly rate is fairly astronomical (plus I've read a LOT of threads where people seem to have gotten fairly poor service from VW dealers) so I was wondering/hoping someone could recommend a VW/TDI specialist in London to take our car too?

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98 1.9 anyone recommend a TDI specialist in London - JasonV
Depending on whereabouts in London you are I've used these people before and been very happy (they solved a problem on my car which one VW specialist said would cost 350 pounds for just 50):

Volkspares Ltd
104-104, Newlands Park, London, SE26 5NA
Tel: 020 8778 7766


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