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I have a Mk4 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.3 (HCS EFI 60PS) that I am trying to find emissions info on so I can register it in Germany.

I have tried Ford UK who have been unhelpful in the extreme. Usually it's on the DVLA's V5C registration form, but it isn't. Or you can get it off a Certificate of Confirmity, but because the car was built before April 1997 Ford won't give me one. A Type Approval Certificate doesn't have the info I require. I've spent ages on the £1 per minute Technical Line, General enquires, COC department, but got nowhere. Ford, who made the car, have suggested I try the internet.

Does anyone have any idea where I could find out:

Mk4 1997 Ford Fiesta 1.3 (HCS EFI 60PS)

Sound level:
- Stationary (dB(A))
- Engine speed (min-1)
- Drive-by (dB(A))
Exhaust Emissions:
- CO2 (g/km)

Any help would fantastic. It's been stuck in the garage now for over a month.

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A Ford main dealer may be able to help with your enquiry, it's worth having a word with one or two of them.
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Parkers have this information:
Ford Fiesta (95-99)
1.3 LX 5dChoose another version

Equipment & optionsGeneral
Production 1 Oct 1995 to 1 Jan 1998
Length 3828 mm
Width 1793 mm
Height 1320 mm
Weight 982 kg
Fuel Delivery Injection
Transmission Manual
Gears 5 Speed

Engine Size 1297 cc
Cylinders 4
0-60 mph 14.8 s
Power Output 59 bhp
Valves 8
Torque 103 Nm
Top Speed 96 mph
MPG 41
Insurance Group 4
Euro Emissions Standard II
CO2 Emissions 161 g/km
Road Tax Band -
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Wheelbase 2446 mm
Luggage Capacity -
Fuel Capacity 40 L
Turning Circle 9 m
Unbraked Towing Weight -
Braked Towing Weight 900 kg

Based on the fact it's Euro2 and most German cities will ban Euro2 cars from 1st Jan. 2010 is it worth it ?
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Correction: Above information only valid for diesel.
Any petrol car with cat registered from 1st Jan. 1993 onwards gets a green 4 sticker.
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Thanks for the responses.

We already have the Green Emissions Sticker for the car. That was relatively easy, though we'll probably have to gt another one.

We've given all the information we have to the TUF (German MOT) guy and he is being a bit of an **** about it. He's said that it obviously wasn't built for the European market ... even though judging from the warning labels all over the engine bay, it was probably built in Germany!

I tried some main dealers but they didn't know. However, after complaining to Ford again, I've finally found another contact there who might be able to help ... we'll see.


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It was almost certainly built in Spain(Valencia)For details of the car,try the "Homologation Office,Ford Werke Ag,Merkenich,Koeln".And it is TueV by the way(Technisher Ubervachung Verein-technical overseeing agency).
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Certificates of conformity were not issued for vehicles of that age-they came in shortly afterwards with WVTA(whole vehicle type approval)which tells the authorities in all EU countries what are the specifications of the components on the car;prior to WVTA,each component had to be inspected(or in some case checked)to assure compliance with the regulations in force at the time.

If you can quote the whole of the VIN (vehicle identification number-on the plate under the bonnet),at least, we can tell you age of the car and where it was built.

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Engine code would also be useful-off same label on the front of the engine compartment-should be two or three letters starting with a J(1.3).If it's not a J,it's not a 1.3.
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Engine No: TL73220

The code next to the VIN is "J4"


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This is the only information I could get from the Ford database. I dont think it tells you anything you need to know but it may help

Build Date: 04.09.1996
Vehicle Line: Fiesta 96
Body Style: 5 Door Saloon
Version: Luxury
Engine: HCS 1.3 EFI(60PS)
Transmission: 5-Speed Manual - B5/IB5
Drive: RHD FWD
Axle Ratio: 3.84
Emission: EEC 96 Car (EEC 1)
Air Conditioning: Less Air Conditioning
Territory: (+)"GB"
Paint: State Blue (Metallic)
Interior Colour: Warm Blue
Interior Fabric: Alpina (5)

Technical information - nsuff
Thanks for that. I already have that info, but they say it's not enough.

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