04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - Steve33
The question I'm hoping for an answer to is what causes a DMF to fail?

This car is now on its 2nd replacement DMF in 52,000 miles (1st replaced by dealer under warranty at approx 38,000 miles, 2nd at my expense by an independant specialist at 52k).

I'm not brutal with the clutch and like to think I'm mechanically sympathetic towards it when I drive it i.e I don't ride the clutch, sit in traffic with it depressed for long periods of time etc.

I see another BR with an R32 Golf with a DMF problem is saying it's due to "excess heat from slipping the clutch melting the compound holding the two parts of the flywheel together" - is this the definitive cause or one of many possibilites.

The 1st replacement is now outside of its 12 month part warranty. Would it be worth approaching the dealer to see if there is any goodwill towards the recent replacement (I have their knackered DMF and a large bill as evidence) or is it more likely to be a waste of my lunch hour?

I intend to keep this car for at least another 18 months. Any suggestions on how to ensure this DMF lasts longer than the last one?

Thanks for your suggestions in advance.

04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - 547HEW

LuK, who make DMF's, have a good web site. Go to :-


and click on the .pdf download for

BROCHURE | 2004-10
LuK Failure Diagnosis Pass Car
LuK?s guide to troubleshooting clutch-system failures and malfunctions

Its about 7 Mb, and could contain useful info for you
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - Saltrampen
From what I have read about these, fitting them must be done precisely and my impression (although not sure if this is fact) that fitting them to a oldish clutch is not a good idea.
THe high torque of a diesel engine transmitting through springs/dampeners etc means that an misalignment will create additional vibrations which may wear components.

In my opinion, your best bet is to ensure the engine (especially at idle) is running as smooth as possible and that the clutch action/release bearings are operating smoothly. When the DMF is replaced the clutch is normally replaced or at least the clutch operation checked.

But there are some on this site that have replaced these things regularly who can give you more detailed advice hopefully.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - injection doc
Always make sure you drive in the right gear. select 1st to pull away & don't drive in too higher gear at too lower speed. Avoid banging the clutch out when changing gear. Jack rabbit starts & wheel spinning also contribute to shortning the life of a DMF. Make sure the engine is running smoothly , if you have one cylinder under performing the DMF tries too smooth it out.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - Lud
It's high time to publish a list of cars that don't have these infernal things. How do you know when someone else drives the car that they won't treat the clutch roughly? How many people are capable enough never, ever, to do something clumsy with the clutch? No one here I would be willing to bet. Not me anyway.

Is a DMF only a piece of flimsy carp in European cars? What about say one of those nice urban runabouts the Auris T180 (I think) tested by HJ recently? Does it have a DMF and is that DMF as carp as a Ford one?

Just curious. I wouldn't want to own a car with one the way people go on about them.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - Steve33
Thanks for the responses so far and to 547HEW for the link to LUK's site.

Injection doc,

I had injector troubles not that long ago, causing rough running and cutting out when cold, is this a likely candidate then?

Having been through the experience of a DMF renewal once before, I tried to avoid doing any of the things you are listing as likely causes.

I approached the Ford garage today that replaced the DMF originally to see what they thought about the amount of lateral play in it. They agreed it was certainly knackered and said in their opinion that it showed no signs of driver abuse. I am going to try Ford Customer Service and see what they think and if there is any goodwill to be had (very unlikely I suspect!).

FYI the clutch was replaced when the Ford garage did the initial DMF swap and again this time.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - paulontour
Just had to replace my DMF on my mondeo tdci. Did not know what a DMF was untill it started making a tinny sound when letting the clutch out. Thought it was the thrust or race bearing going, wish that was all it was. It cost me nearly £900 to replace and the annoying thing was the clutch friction plates looked brand new. And with only 74000 miles on the clock I was not impressed. I dont know if there is any magic formula for making them last but I certainly expected more than 74000 miles
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - Xileno {P}
Most modern diesels and larger petrols have these wretched things.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - oldlag
Pay out pay out
Best get shot of a Ford TDCI
£1,000 or in one case £2,000 bills a dealership that didnt know how to fix it had it in 5 weeks and Ford customer relationship centre what a joke they are.
It took threat of legal action to get some (£1500) back.
Ok if it runs OK the TDCi is good but get a bad one and you will wish you never heard of Ford.
Ford themselves could help it they didnt try to be so very very evasive
I will never touch Ford again
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - NGSmith
I know this is an old forum thread but I desperately need some advice regarding my Ford Focus 1.8 TDCI Estate. The dual mass flywheel is breaking up and I've been quoted £1600 to get it fixed. The car is 3 1/2 years old and has only done 17000 miles.
I've been in touch with Ford Customer Relationship Centre and they've been both evasive and unhelpful and have said they will not offer financial assistance. How did you approach them to get £1500 back? I've contacted Watchdog and am going to threaten legal action as I believe I've been sold a faulty vehicle. It's already been recalled once for a safety issue.

Many thanks in advance.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - daveyjp
Mileage is a moot point. You could do no miles and kill a DMF.

£1600 is completely OTT unless there are other failures. A Jag dealer would charge about £1300 for an X type clutch and DMF fitted, an Jag independent about £800.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - NGSmith
Ford have said that it's an internal failure and there are no other problems with the car so it looks like they are trying to fleece me!
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - PC Fedup
I'm having exactly the same problem with my 2004 Focus TDCI. Have been quoted £1200 for full repair at local dealership, and have written to Fords and been palmed off. I have come across a conversion kit at a cost of £280 from WWW.Prospect Auto Spares and i'm very tempted to fit. I'm trying to get more info about the kit. My car has only done 40,000 from Brand new and been serviced by them as well.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - NGSmith
Can you tell which Ford dealership you've been quoted £1200 by? I take it thats £1200 for complete replacement of the DMF? I'm female so have no clue about conversion kits etc :-)
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - monkeyboyo
Get yourself over to FFOC.co.uk (Ford Focus owner's club) and do a search in the Diesel section. Lots of experiences and opinion there.
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - charl
I had my flywheel/clutch replaced last week on my 03 tdci /52000 miles) at a cost of £1300-00 i contacted ford customer relationship at Coventry last week by letter and they telephoned me today today.i suggested that the failure was due to design fault which they rejected.they also said that they had not had many complaints regarding this problem so may i suggest you and all the people with this problem contact them. He also informed me that the cut of point for reimbursement was 60 months so had it happened before the five years were up they would have considered my complaint in regards to compensation even though the ford warranty was three years. But after five years even a day they would not unless it is proved to be a design fault.i hope this helps.

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04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - andy1236
Hi all, I just had new clutch, cylinder and DM flywheel fitted on my Mondeo TDCi at a local garage for £510. Parts from LUK. Car has done 122000 miles so I can't really complain. Were are you getting prices of £1300 from?
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - jon-george
what garage was that at then as i need mine doing and hae been asked for 1100pounds
04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - DP
Hi all I just had new clutch cylinder and DM flywheel fitted on my Mondeo
TDCi at a local garage for £510. Parts from LUK. Car has done 122000 miles
so I can't really complain. Were are you getting prices of £1300 from?

A quick search on-line shows that the flywheel and clutch kit alone with VAT comes to just over £300! £210 labour for a Mondeo clutch?? What did you do, save their lives once? ;-)


04 1.8 TDCI (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - delta-box
How do you diagnose this problem? I have been having injector problems which are now resolved but my car now has a whirring noise when under acceleration and when ticking over it rattles and stops when the clutch is depressed?

Looks like this could be my problem?
04 1.8 tDci (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - zolkie

i experience a rattling/ knocking noise every now and again when i start the engine, especially when cold. the car has done almost 60k (focus mk1 54 reg 1.8 tdci 115bps). i have been advised by my mechanic that this is due to DMF failure.

i had it replaced along with the clutch kit , clutch slave cylinder, master slave cylinder, had plugs changed and a battery, and guess what the car still not recovered with the knocking noise, although sound isn't so disturbing any more.

Now i am being told that it is to do with the gearbox main shaft/ bolt which connects with clutch and that it is a common fault on ford diesels, especially mondeo and transit, although i have a focus. i was told that nothing can be done about this (probably without major repair that would be uneconomical) and should be driving safely.

i am concerned that it will get worse with time and i will be hit with another massive bill.

i would appreciate any tips, advice on what should i do about it.

Many thanks for all your input.

04 1.8 tDci (100) Dual Mass Flywheel (again) - Yaffle

When you're looking for a quote to fit a clutch and DM FW, you'll find garages 'try it on' and quote labour and parts for the DM and the same again for the clutch kit, effectively charging twice for labour. Once the clutch is removed the FW is 'right in front of your face' so this approach simply cannot be justified.

Get a quote for the clutch and then ask how much extra to fit the FW 'while you're there'. You'll quickly discover it quickly becomes difficult to justify. You should be looking in the region of an extra £200 for the flywheel and no extra labour charges. A total of between £550 to £750 is realistic.


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