03 1.9 D Unusual Noise. Front wheels maybe o/side - KenC
I have a VW Golf Diesel 130,manuel, 22000 gentle miles.
Recently I have noticed an unusual noise from the front wheel ( probably offside) It is quiet and does not happen every time Sometimes it "sounds like " a brake pad sticking on the disc. or imagine while you have stopped a walnut is put under the front tyre and the sound heard is a feint pop as you drive off over it. Whenever it happens ( not all the time) it happens when the car is moving away from stationery in first gear.

Has anyone experienced anything similar or have any opinions as to what it maybe ?

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03 1.9 D Unusual Noise. Front wheels maybe o/side - kirklander73
Hello! I had a similar problem with my 115 TDI 160000 hard miles! have the Aux belt tensioner checked. i ended up replacing the tensioner and belt, but then mine has done considerably more miles than yours!! hopefully this helps.

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