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96 1.6 immobiliser problem not disarming with key - nev666
I have a problem since removing the battery for head gasket change, it would appear that the key and immobiliser unit have de coded themselves. Does anyone have any ideas as to how i can recode them or get the immobiliser off. As it is the car will not start it is just dead when you turn the ignition to start it.
The key fob unlocks the doors, but does not disarm the immobiliser
Had this problem with 306's and found if you turned ignition on before connecting battery then immobiliser disarmed and everything worked as it should.
Is there any quick fix for this one or is it a trip to the dealers.

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96 1.6 immobiliser problem not disarming with key - thomp1983
have you checked the owners manual to see if there's anything relevant?

just had a quick look at autodata and it says the immob can only be reprogrammed with diagnostic equipment, but you can temporarily disable it with 4 digit code on the security card that should be included in the folder that contains the owners manual, instructions on how to use it are in the owners manual.


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96 1.6 immobiliser problem not disarming with key - nev666
Thanks for the advise, but no owners manual or any paperwork came with the car when we got it, so that info is not available.
96 1.6 immobiliser problem not disarming with key - chedz
if you goto your renault dealer service department with some id and your v5 registration document they can tell you your 4 digit code and explain how to enter this they may be a charge normally £10+vat. if you type in google bba reman emergency recode it tells you how to recode you plip key i have never tried it so i do not no if it works good luck
96 1.6 immobiliser problem not disarming with key - iankissarmy
after searching for this problem, i have found that inside the key fob, the LED that provides the infrared, becomes unsoldered from the circuit board inside the key. this is an easy fix for those with a soldering iron. you will have no more problems with the key as long as the LED is soldered into its original posistion. im shocked that renault have failed to make this info readily available. i have fixed 3 cars with the fabled immobiliser problem. so there is no need to have your security bypasssed which also means losing your remote central locking capability. please feel free to email me if you have any queries

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