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"Breathable" cover - made of PVC ? - Surrey_Scientist

Ordered a car cover for my Celica off the web - It was advertised as "Waterproof and Breathable".

The cover that has arrived is made of heavyweight (non-woven) PVC lined with a soft cotton down inner - abit like the material that an old PVC "sweaty" mac would have been made of years ago.

The box just says "waterproof" - no mention of breathable

My first thoughts are that the material just doesnt look breathable, and probably liable to lead to condensation which is prob worse than having no cover at all.

the brand of cover is "Streetwise" - this isnt the suppliers name BTW.

anyone any other information ? Or can recommend a decent make of cover that is definately breathable (and water-resistant/waterproof) ?

"Breathable" cover - made of PVC ? - FotheringtonThomas
recommend a decent make of cover

D'you know what, I wouldn't. I've thought about this, and occasionally tried one - and no more. They're worse than nothing, IMO.
"Breathable" cover - made of PVC ? - daveyjp
I refer the honourable gentleman to the answers given some months ago.

Did you pursue any of these?
"Breathable" cover - made of PVC ? - L'escargot
Isn't putting a cover over a car liable to scuff the paintwork in the process of fitting/removal?
Breathable" cover - Pica
I bought a Moltex one from for the Mustang and it has been on for most of this wet cold winter.

The car is completely dry and there are no signs of condensation either (There can be pools of water sitting on it and it does not penetrate the membrane, it has no signs of wearing. It cost me around £120 and compared with the last one I bought which cost over £300 which was supposed to be a superior brand.

Hamilton Classic is only in Eversley and I paid them a visit and looked and touched the covers before I paid my money.

Also I only put the cover on after the car has been cleaned so there is little chance of scratching (The fleece lining is very soft too)

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"Breathable" cover - made of PVC ? - Surrey_Scientist

A few weeks I bought a supposedly "bespoke" cover from a firm I had got a material sample from (I wont mention their name but not the one your link is to)

I had compared the material with other samples I had got from other manufacturers, and formed the opinion it seemed to be the best fabric - strong, flexible, soft interior but without "fleece" that as far as I can see wil hold moisture if it manages to get under the cover.

Unfortunately when the cover arrived the fit was poor, (even worse than te Tyvek generic cover I have currently - which is actually not a bad fit ) and one of the wing mirror pockets tore a small hole in the seam when I was adjusting it on the car.

So I sent it back and got a refund - needless to say I am somewhat cautious about spending so much (£150) and getting a carp product.

So I sent off for this generic one which turned out not to be as advertised (see my original posting) although cheaper.........

PICA I have asample of the Moltex material - my major concern is that the fleece lining wil hold any moisture that manages to get under the cover - Have you felt underneath just after a rainstorm to see if there is any dampness ???

Does anyone have any experience of COVERCRAFT covers ?

They are much more expensive (£360 for their Weathershield, about £250 for Noah or Evolution products)

I have sample s of the material and it seems strong and soft, but of course one cannot actually test the breathability or durability from just a smal piece :-)

Does anyone have experience and know if they worth the extra ? Are they as breathable and as good a fit and as durable as they claim.

The marketing stuff is quite glossy which alwyas makes me suspicious.......

"Breathable" cover - made of PVC ? - Pica
"PICA I have asample of the Moltex material - my major concern is that the fleece lining wil hold any moisture that manages to get under the cover - Have you felt underneath just after a rainstorm to see if there is any dampness ???"

Yes, I am very anal when it comes to the Stang it is a very much pampered car and the guys at Hamilton explained to me that the fabric would need about 3 good soakings of rain before it achieved its optimum waterproofing (something to do with the positioning of the micro breathing holes positions). This was indeed the case the first few soakings there was a little dampness on the car. Now the rain can come down very heavily and the fleece lining is completely dry. It is also completely dry after heavy dew.

The cover I had previous was a Covercraft and at first it was quite good but it was a much thinner material but in my opinion it fitted the car too well (Custom fit with little ears for the door mirrors) and this did allow moisture to penetrate after a heavy due/downpour. After about 18 months of use the fleece lining started to disintergrate and the outer material started to break down (especially around the seems for the aerial)

The Moltex one I know have now is much heavier and the fleece lining is more substantial. It also has 2 ties to secure it under the car. The cover this time goes over the door mirrors letting air circulate from the gap the mirrors create. I always wash the car before I put it away (it is a weekend toy done 5000 miles in 2 years) and I can leave it for many weeks then take the cover off and the paintwork is as clean and as unmarked as it was when the cover went on. I have even hosed bird poo off the cover and checked under it and it is completely dry. The car does not go out in the wet or on newly salted roads - I know this is sad but the car has to last me the rest of my days.

I have only had this cover for about 6 -7 months and I am unsure how long it will last but to me if feels like a much more substantial cover and there has been no marking at all on the paintwork. If it did mark any part of the paintwork I would have thrown it away. My only criticism is that the fit is a little tight around the back compared with the cusom fit cover which means it rides up a little after some strong winds. Overall I am very pleased with it.

The Hamilton guys were recommended to me by a guy who restores American classic cars and he also sells the covers himself as he rates them as the best he has seen for the money.

I would suggest you pay them a visit and handle the material and try it on your car for a fitting before you buy.

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