05 1.6 FSi Rear brakes noisy - McP
I have been nominated to have a look at the noisy rear brakes on this Golf.
I am guessing that they will be disks.

It has done 30K from new. Presumably the pads shouldn't be worn out.

Is there anything in particular to look out for or common faults?
Any special tools required?

I have not seen or heard the car yet.

05 1.6 FSi Rear brakes noisy - 659FBE
After 30k miles of normal use, the pads will be down to the backplates. Check that the disks are still servicable. You need a tool to wind and push the caliper pistons back in order to fit new pads - don't try to do it without. GSF have the tool (and the pads).

05 1.6 FSi Rear brakes noisy - McP
Thanks 659.

This car is unknown to me. I don't know if pads have previously been fitted.

I used needle nosed pliers to wind back the rear pistons on my X-reg Primera.
There is a cross in the face of the piston.

Are the pistons on the VW very different?
The winding tools are less than £10 normally, so will probably take your advice! Not my money.

Presumably there are no odd (torx, etc) fixings on the calipers?
I have only seen calipers with standard bolts or 7mm Allen.

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