1998 323 auto , damper fittment...any pointers? - steveo3002
a family friend has a bmw 323 auto (about R reg {That'll be about 1998 then?} ) and it needs dampers

i will offer to do it if its straightforward

is there anything tricky that might catch me out? any special tools i might need?

anything other than the dampers i might need ...top mounts /bump stops etc

im not near the car so i cant lean under and see whats what

will the wheel alignment be upset?

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1998 323 auto , damper fittment...any pointers? - kirklander73
Back ones easy (as long as you have basic tools- jack axle stands etc) front ones you will at least need spring compressors (the shock is inside spring) Be carefull because if the compressors slip they can cause damage to you and others. it is allways a good idea that you replace other 'service' items while you got the car stripped talk to GSF and they will reccomend what you can change while you are changing shocks.
I would get tracking done afterwards too!

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