(02-05) Electric boot release not working - Frogeye
I have a problem with SWMBO's Polo Twist 1.2 which has the optional remote central locking.

The hatch will not open using the handle which should trip the electric lock. The only way is to use the key.

Supplying Main dealer has had 4 attempts at repair under warranty, they say "that they replaced and resprayed the handle" Excellent job as they managed a perfect paint match and even replaced the dirt!! Interesting that they con their principal. It works for a few days after they try to repair it. Car is now out of warranty and they do not know what is wrong. After this dishonesty and inability to find the problem, I am reluctant to let them play about at my expense.

I have taken off hatch door trim and probed for 12v feed, nothing. I do not have a circuit diagram so would be grateful for colour code of feed. Possibly of broken wire but unlikely in 20,000 miles, I would have thought?

Has anyone any ideas?


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Electric boot release not working - Shortbloke
Don't know if you've sortred this out by now. I've just had to fix a similar problem with my mother in laws 04 1.4 Polo. You could open the boot with the key (turning to the right) but when the car was unlocked and the lock in the verticle position nothing happend when you pulled the handle.

So I removed the rear trim (2 screws, one in each of the internal handle resses, then pull hard whilst holding the boot so that the lower boot trim comes off.

I then spent a while probing various connectors checking voltages whilst locking and unlocking the car, expecting the motor in the boot to be activated. Nothing. I then grabbed a regular 9v (PP3) battery and using some mini-crocodile clips used this to test the motor, which worked fine.

It wasn't till I stopped to think about how the mechanism worked that I realised that the motor is used to open the boot when the handle is pulled. So I looked around the mechanism to see what sensed the handle movement. I spotted a microswitch at the back right hand side of the lock mechanism, as I pulled on the handle I noticed the switch should have been switching, but wasn't as the plastic noble under the metal strip of the microswith wasn't coming out of the switch, it was stuck in for some reason. So I used a small screwdriver to pull it up, and the motor activated. I then tried the handle several times and the switch continued to work. So I may need to replace this microswitch at somepoint but for now it's working again, so I'll leave well alone.

I hope this post helps you confirm if the motor is working (remove connector and use a 9v battery to check if it activates or not). Also to check if the microswitch is faulty.

Hopefully this post isn't too late and you've not wasted loads of money at the garage with them messing you around.

Electric boot release not working - silverspeedfreak
Seems a bit like ancient history. Over 4 years and no other posts.

I had exactly the same problem on my 2004 polo 1.2 swing. The last contribution was great but I checked everything out with a multimeter and all 4 micro switches worked perfectly.

I then moved along the harness to the pair of connectors on the near side (uk) of the boot. I belled these out too and no joy. When I looked the the condition of everything it was pristine.. No watermarks, no leaks, no corrosion.

So after a while I decided to chase the wiring to the next connector. Deep in take of breath and started pulling off panels and snapping a couple of fasteners in the process as I always do the first time.

At this point I found out the next connector can be reached simply by lifting the carpet on the side of the car directly underneath the near side rear parcel shelf pivot. Older and wiser now.

Ta-da there was the problem. Leaking union on the rear washer pipe. Corrosion on both connectors so a bit of contact cleaner, some scraping and a spray with silicon oil to keep new water out and all working again. Will get a new union when I get it serviced next week and it's all done.

Hope that is helpful

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